CapoDallas LV.2 Lurker
Dec 19, 2020, 08:36 AM 752 read

Business Opportunity 18+

*My name is Dallas, I’m looking to hire, and or work along with like minded individuals to create, host, and grow a unique dedicated server on Ark-SE. The goal is to form a dedicated team of experienced Ark players that want to see the community thrive. An example would be, a tournament server. This a business opportunity, a ground floor chance to form a profitable and fulfilling organization. Being a ground floor opportunity, founders will need to pull all skills and resources together and work comfortably with one another to reach our goals. Please inquire if you or you know anyone that would be interested. I will conduct interviews and will only onboard qualified individuals that offer skills that will promote constant improvement. Candidates should be 18+, and possess computer skills, teamwork skills, customer service skills, have an extensive knowledge of Ark-SE, and other related experiences. Being an online business, a computer, and a strong internet connection would be necessary. Anyone of interest, without a computer that can run Ark:SE but is in possession of a console could be considered as well. This is a multi-position onboarding. Necessary resources would be... -Discord server creation, and administration. -Nitrado or other gaming server provider administration. -In-game player/customer service. -Advertising skills and experience. *Again, this is business opportunity, and should be considered as such.* Inquiries should include a form of communication, such as an email. I will get in touch via email and will go forth with the process.

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  • Elemida LV.3 Lurker Feb 10, 2021, 01:23 AM

    Very nice startup!

  • Wowowow LV.2 Lurker Feb 10, 2021, 01:30 AM

    I believe that you will have great success in this niche. A lot of people are demanding such services. One of my friends last year started a startup selling online games. He opened a site, but due to all this situation around the world and these big fish like Steam ate him. Now he is facing insolvency problems. I wish you never know-how is to overcome such problems. He is working with a team of professionals from Be very careful in this domain, I wish you to accomplish all your goals. I will PM you regarding work.