Swamp Fox LV.2 Lurker
Dec 10, 2020, 02:31 AM 386 read

The Hive Cluster

***The Hive Crossplay Ark Cluster*** *Sponsored by Nitrado* O.G/Day 1 Nitrado Hosts - Hosting since October 2017. The Hive Community PvE Cluster: All maps including 2 Ragnarok, 2 Genesis and an Events map 6x Experience/6x Gather/6x Taming 32x Maturation/50x Hatch Level 300 Dinos Search "The Hive Community" - Evo Events every month (Boosted Rates) - Ark official events such as Summer Bash running every month after a Vote - Active admins including a ticket system so no problems go without a fix 50+ Servers including many more games Geek and Gaming Community, much more than just Servers Large social media following and online community Streamers + Creators + a Content Creator Team Game Nights, Tournaments, Leagues + Esports + So much more! @thehivehq https://discord.gg/3Vpwjy9h

ARK: Survival Evolved: General - The Hive Cluster image 2

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