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Nov 30, 2020, 12:41 AM 310 read

[PC Server] Jurassic ARK 50x/TP/Shop/4man/S+/pvp/11/30 https://discord.gg/uBmNfuAjTQ

ARK: Survival Evolved: General - [PC Server] Jurassic ARK 50x/TP/Shop/4man/S+/pvp/11/30 https://discord.gg/uBmNfuAjTQ image 5

Hello survivor! My name is Temp and I am the designer and marketer for Jurassic ARK! Jurassic ARK is a new ark server that supports up to 4 people in one tribe and 32 slots in the server. We are trying to bring a new server to the table which can be free and enjoyable for everybody. If you want to be a part of this fast growing ARK server feel free to join our discord, https://discord.gg/uBmNfuAjTQ. Also, we are currently setting up a website if you would like to check it out! https://jurassicark.enjin.com

  Disclaimer: Server is in beta and some things are subject to change. ____________________________   Info: Active Admins Events Website and Discord ORP for New Players for the first ** (Unknown) Hours Easier Mind Wipes VIP for shop   Main Mods: Awesome Teleporter S+ Classic Flyers Arkomatic 10k Stacks TC’s Auto Rewards (Shop) Solo Farm Awesome Spyglass Dino Storage v2 And lots more!   Main Settings: Wild Dino Max 150 Harvest 50x XP Multiplier 2000x 4 Man Tribe Limit Fast Taming (Not Insta) Dinos Boosted Stats Player Boosted Stats Third person is allowed Global Text Chat is allowed And Lots more!        

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