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Oct 20, 2020, 04:28 PM 27 read

[PS4] Best Fiber Craft Server on PSN

So I’m still really into Ark and this fiber craft server has been quite satisfying. I don’t like how slow progression is in normal gameplay and while I do enjoy reg 50x servers, getting material just gets old. I want to tame, breed and raid. On fiber craft, the only grind is building up and filling your turrets! There are still a few things that require normal material, but for good reason.

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I’ve been on this same cluster for almost 6 months now! There have been a few wipes in that time but this season has been longer than the others and I think they will stay this long from now on. Its about 2-3months per season now, cluster wipe at the end of the season. Administrations just changed, and I know the new head admin will be recruiting a new admin or two so if you’ve ever wanted to do that, now is a great time to apply! Admins paint dinos for free, do dino shop, help players, and host events! There are going to be events multiple times per week!! 🤩

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