Frostbyte LV.2 Lurker
Oct 11, 2020, 12:21 AM 24 read

Retrograde PVE PS4 Cluster!

Hello all!! I’ve recently restarted my PVE cluster (formerly called Rebellion) we are now under the name Retrograde! (all maps except center and scorched but we’re open to adding them in the future!) this is a fresh new cluster with many places to build, experienced admins who love playing the game and helping players, and a great community that is ready to welcome you! from beginner to pro we’re here to welcome you with open arms and help you along your entire ark journey. don’t know how to breed for stats? we got you! looking for a semi boosted server to play with some dinosaurs? also got you there! definitely come check us out :)) add Frostbyte#1535 for a discord invite! rates: Retrograde Server Rates: 15x Taming 5x Gathering 1x XP 150x Breeding 150x Hatching 145x Maturation Max Lvl Dino: 210 Regular 252 Tek 266 wyvern & drake stack mods 7x difficulty boosted player stats weightboost on dinos and players Max Players Per Tribe: 10 hope to see you on the cluster soon!!

ARK: Survival Evolved: General - Retrograde PVE PS4 Cluster! image 2

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