Jamie Slade LV.19 Professional Noob
Aug 6, 2020, 02:56 AM 27 read

Looking for people to play with

Hey if anyone knows of a smaller server that I can join and you would like to join me whilst playing, shoot me a message and I'll see if I can find the server. Been looking for ages for a good server to play preferably unmodded as I dont really want to be installing mods and things. Thank you <3

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  • Kleeo LV.15 Switch Aug 6, 2020, 11:23 AM

    Hey I can play after I download it it’s my first time playing this game

  • BlazedHyena LV.4 Lurker Aug 7, 2020, 02:27 AM

    Hey add me on PS4 @blazedhyena

  • IDKCHANCE22 LV.2 Lurker Aug 9, 2020, 01:11 PM

    Try fiber ark slime craft