DV4K LV.3 Fearless
Jul 30, 2020, 02:26 PM 13 read

Server started as of 7/26/2020

Search Nox 🚨New server as of 7/26/2020 🚨Growing pop 🚨6 Man 🚨Verbal Alliances ✅105 Player ⚡️Ragnarok 🦖Dlc Dinos ❎None clustered(Coming in the Future) 🦟250 Wild ❄️Unofficial Dedi ✅Cross play enabled [US] Nox’s Test Server ✅Active Admins ✅EZ Craft ✅PVP ✅Custom Drops ✅Auto Unlock Engrams ✅Starter after you join the discord and register ✅STATS: 100 Harvest-50XP-100Breeding 🚨Read the rules when you join🚨 More info in the discord https://discord.gg/PscV9Uf

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