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🔘Mystical Arks Cluster focuses on all aspects of the game and tries to find a way for survivors to participate in them more. Our cluster is for both PvE and PvP survivors. 🔘With that said, we are a boosted cluster but with spice to it. We’ve customized settings to increase a bit of survival difficulty because after all that’s what makes the game fun? Settings have been customized for your experience. 🔘PvE survivors can work on their goals such as following the story or breeding mutations and such. But what about after you’ve completed them? Well you could focus on PvP afterwards and go to war with other tribes. 🔘PvP survivors can go to war with other tribes at a set time. Now it may be a bit annoying to have a scheduled time for some, but think about the pros! You get a chance to build up, you don’t have to worry about being offline raided, you don’t have to worry about people abusing the offline raid protection system, and most importantly you get to have fun defending and PvPing actual players instead of structures|dinos! 🔘We also offer discord exclusive events such as minigames, quests, auctions, and holiday celebrations! If I’ve caught your attention and you’d like to give us a try, here’s our discord link:

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