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Dec 1, 2019, 12:58 PM 41 read

⭐New Server⭐

star️NEW SERVER star️Are you looking for a new long term Cluster that you can call your home? Then join ,,VENOM CLUSTER,, and show us that you got .star️ Hi there! Welcome to the Venom Cluster 24/7/PvP! The Owner is star️video_game Kruger6star️video_game * on the xbox. There is 3 awesome ingame admins on the cluster are as follows... Server Admin star️video_game ExcusableSKUNKY star️video_game Server Admin star️video_game credibledevil star️video_game Server Admin star️video_game Ravine69 star️video_game Server Admin The Best Discord Admin star️video_game ExcusableSKUNKY star️video_game UK star️video_game Ravine69star️video_game Please Fill out Tribe registration so we know who to contact when needed star️VENOM CLUSTER star️fFacebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/VenomCluster/ star️Discord: https://discord.gg/MNs5yf3 star️3 Maps rest coming soon star️Xbox/ Pc Crossplay 24/ 7 PVP star️Any questions just let me know star️6 Man Tribe Limit star️No Allies star️Official Stats star️Boosted Weight-inf star️Custom Drops {Server Stats} star️Taming Speed 5x star️Consumption Speed 1x star️Egg Hatch Speed 25x star️ Baby Mature x30 star️BabyFoodconsumptionspeed x1 star️XP Multiplier 5x Harvesting star️Crystal=3 star️Fibers,=3 star️Flint=3 star️Hide=2 star️Keratin=3 star️Metal=3 star️RawMeat10 star️Obsidian=3 star️Oil=2) _ star️RareFlower=2 star️RareMushroom=2 star️Silicon=2 star️Stone=2 star️Wood=2 star️Thatch=2 star️Wishboner=10

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