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Dec 1, 2019, 05:49 AM 9 read

Xbox/PC cluster

JustArk Dedicated PVE Cluster Ragnarok(Alpha) fibercraft 32 slot PvE Island fibercraft 20 slot PvE Valguero fibercraft 20 slot PvE Aberration fibercraft 10 slot PvE Extinction fibercraft 20 slot PvE Custom drops, Dino transfers between PvP from PvE allowed. Item transfers to PvE not allowed Item transfers from PvE to PvP allowed Auto engram unlocks of fibercraft only Tek engrams unlocks at Level 100. Survivor: 3x health, 100x oxygen, 1000x weight, 2x speed Dino: 300x weight Close to Official player and Dino (official) stats with a decent weight boost. Stats: Player level 105 Dino lvl 180 Custom boosted drops. 20x gather 100x XP 1000x weight (survivor) 3000x weight (Dino) 50x taming 125x hatch speed 65x maturation Max Dino lvl 180 Survivor level 105 Food and water drain 0.4 Custom loot in Dragon Bossfight ONE OF THE GREATEST COMMUNITIES YOULL EVER MEET GUARANTEED! Genesis is on the way, active admins , helpful community and professionals on every subject.

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