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[PC] PVE Rainbow Rex |Seven Maps | 3XP/4H/15T/2M | Follow the Rainbow, and Join.

-|\/|- RAINBOW REX ARK COMMUNITY -|\/|-   Rainbow Rex’s creation was brought about by a group of friends looking to expand their horizons and make new friends. We made a promise to ourselves as well as our community members to look out for everyone, because we want to ensure that while playing on our Cluster you are able to rest assured that you will be free to enjoy your time here, and not be bothered by wondering if questions will go unanswered, or help will not be received. We want all of you to have a great time, and we aim to keep it that way. We also provide a positive atmosphere for our LGBTQ+ members and community, allowing free expression of one’s thoughts or opinions, without the feeling of unfair judgement.   So why, Rainbow Rex?:   You should join if you’re the type of person that enjoys a positive gaming experience, where you feel like your opinions matter, and that you belong. We stress the importance of friendship, teamwork, and of course family. If you’re looking for that, along with other perks for being part of our community, don’t hesitate and hop on today!     1. Player/Staff Hosted Events w/ LOOT! 2. Player Support via our Ticket System. (No job too big or too small.) 3. Cluster Shop 4. Discord Lottery BOT, Where you can enter in to win some sweet sweet loot! 4. And MORE!   LINKS:   Website:


MOD List:

  SERVER DIRECT LINK(S):   The Island: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ The Center: steam://connect/ Aberration: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Valguero: steam://connect/ Crystal Isles: steam://connect/ (edited) *NEW* Primal Fear Ragnarok: steam://connect/ *NEW* Event Map: steam://connect/     RATES: Max Wild Dino Lvl: 150 Max Tek Dino Lvl: 190 Max Wyvern/Drake Egg Lvl: 190 (Post-Tamed Dinos are able to be leveled 98 times!) Tribes Max Survivor Limit: 15 Max Tames Per Tribe: 500 Baby Mature: x30 Harvest: x4 Egg Hatch: x16 Hair Growth: x10 Kill Exp: x3 Mate Inver: x1.0 Passive Tame interval: x0.3 Tame Speed: x15   MOD LIST:   eco's Aberration Decor:

  eco in Wonderland:

  Structures PLUS:

  Death Recovery MOD:

  Dino Storage v2:

  Tribute and Element Transfers:

  eco's RP Decor:

  Awesome Spyglass:

  Stacks For Humans:

  Randomly Colored Dinos:

  TC Rewards:

  Upgrade Station v1.8i:

  Also Available only on Primal Fear Ragnarok map: Primal Fear:

  Primal Fear Boss Expansion:

  Primal Fear Aberration Expansion:

  Primal Fear Noxious Creatures:

  Now Available! Event Map! Event Map:

  Feel free to Subscribe to the MODS before joining, so no time is wasted on waiting for action! Follow the Rainbow, and Join Today!:At Rainbow Rex we strive to work with our members, not against them, to give you the BEST time possible here on our Cluster!   Code Of Conduct:   1 No Ingame or Discord talk about, Religion or Politics. (We understand everyone has their own view points, and opinions. But do try to keep text and talk game related.)   2. No Racist/Sexist/Homophobic slurs or hate speech. (We have a zero tolerance policy for the aforementioned, you will be removed from Discord as well as the Cluster.)   3. No Pillar/Foundation spam, unless building in that location within a three day period. (This is to allow current and future community members to have many options as to where and what they can build.)   4. Play fair (No use of exploits/meshing.) and be kind to your fellow community member(s). (You may need their help one day, so keep it respectful.)       Feel free to come on by our Discord, or join through our Server Links found on our Website to ask questions, make suggestions, hang out or go on an Adventure!

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