Rules of the Ark

Welcome, Survivor, to the Ark Lounge! Stable your pteradon, pull up a chair, grab a beer, and tell us of your travels!!!
For the sake of keeping a manageable board, there are a few rules that must be put in place. If you cannot follow these rules, you will be tranqed, cuffed, and fed to the troodons!!
1) Ark is a mature game, and I would like to keep this as a mature board. I do not, however, want people attacking each other. Consider this a PVE lounge!! Adult language will be permitted as long as it is not used to attack someone, or in excess. Racial slurs or any other type of hate speech is strictly prohibited and will be deleted on sight. NO NUDITY, GORE, OR HATE POSTS WILL BE ALLOWED.
2) Dont be a dick. Pretty simple rule that covers a lot. Lets treat people with respect and there wont be any issues.
3) Put posts in the appropriate tab. If you have a server or tribe that you are recruiting for, post it in the Server/Tribe tab. General discussion and conversations about the base game and its official DLC’s belong in the General tab. Discussions about Modded servers obviously belong in the Modded tab. Post photos of your epic builds in the Builds tab. And finally, Memes go in the Memes tab.
4) Dont argue with the Mods. Im pretty laid back and easy to get along with. And I’m sure we will have more Mods as the lounge grows so welcome any new mods as they are only trying to make this a great place for all.
5) Have FUN!!! This is why we play games and love to talk about them. Its why we are here and why we do what we do. So lets have fun discussing a game that we all love!!!

Gründer 9 months ago