I al playing on a server with some friends and we are mid game but we are having problems with finding pearls does anybody now the best way to farm them

LV.3 Sharpshooter 1mo


Everytime I get back on my server,everything is dead. WTH!!

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Hope everyone is having a good day/night

LV.10 Big Chungus 1mo

Should I get this game what is it’s game play and is it worth it

LV.4 Wraith Main 1mo

Ark Thoughts

Ok, it's 2019 & games are as good as ever. But I have a Comment for Ark... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO DARK AT NIGHT???? Come on do you know how hard it is to see in the night? It is literally pitch black, if wanting the keep that pitch black darkness, I need at least to hold a torch still while holding another Item such as a spear, Pickaxe, etc., if an Ark Employee take this as a suggestion but what do you think? Is the Game as good as it Is? Or does it need some improvements? What do you think?

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I've invited you to join me on Moot - Your Source for LFG & Gaming Discussion!

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Yall remember when this was a good game

You'd sit there with your friends and preparing for like ab actual Week for some t rex hunt and all that good Times. Now The game ks just carbage

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Good sever only for ps4 25x nice admins insta tame need 1 more tribe mate. The name is cheap-craft

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pm me for questions

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Need people

Looking to start a new tribe to mess around with n basically have fun with.. message me or comment your user

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Selling Reapers and Golems

Ps4 Small tribes
$15 each

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Need ps4 teammate

If ur wanting to start a fresh add me thelegend27_lk

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Help me tame an animal im need this on mobile

LV.3 Lurker 2mo

Tek Parasaur

What's a 180 going for now adays

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Look at that bored :)

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Aren't they cute together I ⛴ them 🤩😢😱

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Can mods be added on console?

Jist wondering, can mods be added on console yet? And if so How can it be done?

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Stream in twitch armamdocake27

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Watch my stream

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My opinion

I love this game so much I mean who wouldn’t you can tame dinosaurs and raid little kids I mean it’s fun especially when the kids start to beg I mean I feel bad after I live roleplaying on ark and love using those taxidermist things I love killing other people and to be honest all the dinosaurs are mysterious

LV.6 Courageous 2mo

Ragnarok Ps4 Youtubers Trying to make an Alliance

Just looking for people who want to join our small tribe
On Ps4
No raids

Raid protected
Just wanting to have fun ,explore caves, and make some bases

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Look for someone to play ark with

Just 1 to. 2 people on ps4

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Salut à tous on recrute des gens sérieux pour un serv priver moyennement avancer +18 mp si interesse

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Tell ps4 names

Every body make a comment on what is your username for ps4 if you ha ve Ark

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Nice death

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Need cryopods

Looking for someone who can trade for cryopods
Pm me to make a deal

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Why does everyone play Xbox?!?!

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Recruiting again

We need people that play ps4 only by the way my username for ps4 is mrpuffkuff

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