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```SPECIFICATIONS``` **DESIGNATION** - __**1st Reconnaissance Battalion**__ ***1st Recon Bat., 1stMarDiv*** **TYPE** - PS4, Dayz, Milsim, Realism/Hardcore, Special Operations **REGION** - North America **MINIMUM AGE** - 15 **MEMBERS** - 50+ ```SCHEDULE``` **FRI** (1500 EST) - TBA **SAT** (1500 EST) - TBA **SUN-THU** (1500 EST) - TBA ```ADDITIONAL INFORMATION``` __**WHAT MAKES THE UNIT HARDCORE?**__ Our combat is intense and our operations are never easy. Mission success depends on teamwork and training. - No crosshairs, or Reticles - Active Duty/Retired Service Members - Intense/Rigorous Training __**WHAT DOES THE UNIT OFFER?**__ Global War on Terror Campaigns Throwback Era & Joint-Operations Professional Staff & Organized Training Dedicated Mission Makers and Server Management 24/7 Servers - Training & Ops __**MISSIONS WE DO**__ **UW** - Unconventional Warfare **DA** - Direct Action **SR** - Special Reconnaissance **CBT** - Combating Terrorism **CP** - Counter-proliferation **IO** - Information Operations **__Our Socials__** **Instagram:** **Youtube:** **Discord:**

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