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Dayz Ps4 Servers;)

**Looking For New Players To Join Our World In Our PS4 Server Called FullCars40MinNight|PVP|PVE ** **__About The Server:__** ```We Have 1 Trader Location Mid Area Of The Map And We Have Zones Meaning 2 Different Sections Where PvP & Civilians Live Where There’s No PVP Or Raiding & We Have Discord Currency & Kill Feeds & Heat maps Set Up In Our Discord Currently We Have a 64 Slot Server for Chernarus map & a 42 slot server For Livonia``` ```If your looking just to pvp we have a server that is included to do so. Want to build a base? Create a faction? We got a server for that to!``` **__What We Offer__** > -**Trade market > -Discord cash where you can do three different job types** > -**Gamble your winnings away with some blackjack or even a game of roulette!** > -**Few rules** > -**Great Admin** ```If this interests you Join Our Discord Today to meet our many members and view our little rules! You can also find further Information upon joining, We look forward to seeing you soon in our great community``` https://discord.gg/26abDDJ

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