Bryce D. LV.6 Best Squadmate
Jan 11, 2021, 01:53 AM 68 read

(PC) Looking for a playerbase!!

Brand new server!! NAME: Insane Mayhem A PvP/PvE mix! DISCORD: PLAYSTYLE: Raids & PvP are at the same times. Mon-Fri: 2pm-3am Eastern time. Sat-Sun: All Day! BOOSTS: Server is “Lightly” boosted. 3x Gather 5x faster Thrall Crafting 1.5x everything else MODS: Pippi Extended attributes DISABLES: Nothing Disabled SPECIAL: We have a starter weapon kit, and plan to maybe have more kits in the future. - We plan to have a structure near spawn with gear free to anyone. - We plan to create Laws when it comes to PvP times. (Not for sure yet)

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