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May 29, 2019, 10:47 AM 839 read

Welcome to Splitgate: Arena Warfare! (Lounge Guidelines)

Let's get started on how this lounge works, that way, you'll know your way around it and where you can begin posting at. And away we go! FEATURED

A place where the best and freshest content will go up. As more boards are added, the possibilities will grow for more posts to have that potential chance of heading there. However, you cannot make any posts in there, but maybe in the near future, I'll see one of your posts there. GENERAL

This is a place where (for now), you can post memes, art, highlights, promote your stream of the game, etc. Lookout for more boards to be added in the future! LOOKING FOR GROUP

This is a major one for Moot as most of our lounges will have this board on those which offer multiplayer possibilities. You can select what you're looking for in a group, how many you need, if a mic is required or not, when you need a team, etc. Also, be sure that before you start posting in this lounge, that you read up on Moot's Content Policy, so that way, you are staying within the rules and guidelines of what can be posted and what can not. Here is the link so you all can read it 👉 If for any reason you aren't sure where a post goes and you want some assistance, ask the Mods and Admins. We are just a message away! Don't hesitate to ask for help though! That's pretty much it right now until more stuff comes to the Lounge itself. I'll be sure to update it as time goes on. Until then, Happy Mooting and have a good one!

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