Dauntless 2nd play

LV.7 Jumpmaster 5d

Dauntless 1st play

LV.7 Jumpmaster 5d

Noob streamer


LV.21 Creeper 5d

Sub to oliver moomin (fake danTDM with peely skin from fortnite)

LV.3 Lurker 6d


LV.13 Chief 7d

New YouTuber and PC gamer!

I just started playing on PC and started YouTubing and streaming with friends! I’d love some support and criticism. Also going to post more funny, or entertainment based content so come check out my little compilation!

LV.3 Let’s play Fortnite! 8d


LV.13 Chief 9d


I stream Dauntless as much as I can along with a few others. Come join my stream whenever I'm live and please follow! Twitch: Slendy0192. My cousin does fortnite streams so go check him out and follow him: Snowy_II

LV.2 Lurker 10d

Anyone up for a hunt

LV.10 Elite Four 10d

Anyone up for a hunt

LV.10 Elite Four 10d


15 and older and have 1000 gamerscore. We are looking for active members to move up and play a role within our communities
Come join our fam.

Discord is XGN Golieth(1CPT)#8993
Xbox tag is XGN Golieth

Or message me right here

LV.11 Chief 12d


LV.13 Chief 13d


LV.13 Chief 14d


LV.13 Chief 17d


Come join our community. Must be 15 years old and have 1000 gamerscore. Feel free to message me with any questions.

XGN Golieth is my Xbox tag.

Become a member today

LV.11 Chief 17d

Hey guys come join the stream family😁

Check out Beasting on BehemothsπŸŒͺ

LV.5 Lurker 22d

PS4 a new community for dauntless. community Name: dauntless- extraordinary slayers only

Heads up! a new community has just opened up where only extraordinary slayers go to squad up be one of the first to join skilled sayer!

LV.3 Lurker 22d


Looking to join a community. Look no further Xiled Gaming Network is here.

Come join the fam and always have someone to game with.

Any questions hit me up and well get you signed up

Must be 15 years old or older.

All community for all platforms I take care ok xbox but I'll get you where you need to go

LV.11 Chief 23d


I'm broadcasting on Mixer right now! Check it out:

LV.3 Lurker 25d


I'm broadcasting on Mixer right now! Check it out:

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

Looking for a professional logo?

Message me for an amazing logo priced just right

LV.10 Nomad 1mo

Me getting my butt kicked

Watch "Dauntless" on YouTube
But please watch the video share and and if you like subscribe to my video cuz I will be posting

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

Solo runs

Check ot out on Youtube @Lord Diabol going to run a few low level behemoths for solo runs to grind out materials. Be sure to hit the like and subscribe button for more material when I can get the time to play. Also add me on PSN @Lord_Diabol if you want to play some games during any stream

LV.12 Professional Noob 1mo

Subscribe to me on YouTube my channel name is luckduck0500

LV.9 Nomad 1mo

Clan recruitment DM me

LV.13 Chief 1mo


Looking for a community, look no further. Xiled Gaming Network is here to take you in. Never game alone on any game and any platform.

Feel free to visit our forums at feel free to message me with any questions you might have.

We are currently going 9 years strong and look forward to making you part of the years to come

LV.11 Chief 1mo

Help me hit 400 subs

Watch "I. HATE. BUGS!!- Dauntless Gameplay #6" on YouTube

LV.17 Sage 1mo


Looking for a group to game with. Look no further come join Xiled Gaming Network. Find squads for any game and connections that will last on any platform.

Feel free to look us up at

Or just message me and I'll answer any questions you have. Looking forward to speaking to everyone.

LV.11 Chief 1mo

Looking for a professional logo?

I'm a graphics designer, I work for my company Malevolent Designs. We work by a certain set of rules. We charge our customers the least of anyone out there that is at our level, we design a specific way to make sure we create a logo that isnt forgotten in a month. I personally take pride in making sure my clients are happy they came to me. My goal when I started this company was to do graphic design for streamers and youtuber and not charge stupid amounts of cash for logos and to take care of each the right way. Do it right or don't do it at all.

Email me if you are interested!

LV.10 Nomad 1mo

LV.7 Nomad 1mo