Please pay attention to my name and this message. Now accepting ALL AGE Groups!!! Elite Gaming Organization (eGo) is currently seeking new clan members. We are a Multi Gaming platform clan. We are not that clan that requires you to be on console 24/7 the only thing we ask is for you to be active in discord. If you looking for clan were KD is not important we are the clan for you. We dont rely on stats when recruiting as we are very family oriented and don’t tolerate any sort of harassment. So if you want to make good friend and have fun while playing we are the clan to join.  But if you do have competative side then ...
Yes! We do have comp teams.
Yes! We do compete in GameBattles. Men & Women players! We have players from every where US/AUS/CAN/MEX/UK/EU
If you're interested in joining please feel free to click the link and join and you will receive your discord invite. Please remember ALL CONSOLES ARE WELCOME! Happy Gaming hope to see you soon!

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Fun chat and grinds

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JOIN TXO TODAY (Xbox One Only)

Hi my name is TXO Atlas of the TXO gaming clan.

TXO (The Xiled Ones) split of the gaming community XGN to the now formed group of gaming networks known as Xiled Syndicate. TXO currently has a little over 1,000 members and is one of the largest clans in the group.
We play mostly any and all video games.

We also have a rank structure if you're interested in climbing the ranks of our clan. We also have some special Departments in XS that are in Art, News and an Events team. We also have a Stream Team and YouTube Team if you are interested in something like that.

As long as you have a working microphone, a discord, and also are 16+ you can join TXO and most of the other clans in XS.

If you'd like to join please PM me on Xbox my gamertag is TXO Atlas and I will help you through the application so you can join our amazing community.

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Can we hit 500 subs ???

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New dauntless video going up make sure to check it out!!!! LINK BELOW!!

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Link to the newest video

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Make sure to check out the latest dauntless video link below!!!

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Make sure to check out the latest dauntless video link below!!!

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New video up make sure to check it out!!!!!

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Is this game fun anymore?


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Sub goal 500 uploading new dauntless video tonight tooo!!!!!

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Come join meeee on MIXER!!

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New content on my channel!!!!!

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New episodes coming soon

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Just make sure to add my epic and if you need help with anything lmk :)

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Uploading dauntless tonight make sure to catch up on what i have out link below \/\/\/\/\/\/\/

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In search of lone wolves

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Now Streaming!!

Day of Relaxation, come chill with me. 😊

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Recording rn!!!

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Looking for people who want to join our gaming community. We have several sponsors and a forums 50,000 plus members. Dedicated discord with thousands of members. Come join the crew and be part is a growing experience. Please have 1,000 gamerscore and be 15 years old and also be on XBOX. We do have communities for every platform.

Feel free to message me
On moot
Xbox XGN Golieth
Discord XGN Golieth (MAJ)#8993

Looking forward to hearing from everyone

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Goodmorning all!

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Lets hit 500 subs

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Weapon Seven

What will it be!

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