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Winter is Coming! [16+][No Toxicity]

Greetings friends. Through these frozen gates lies a clan that stands strong within the icy grasp of the cold. Known for their tenacity in ensuring the wholesome and non-toxic code is held high within their walls, Winter Clan has prospered and made a name for themselves in the Dauntless community and beyond.   Welcome to Winter:   Winter is a multi-platform gaming community that has been around since 1998. This community boasts well over 10,000 members as well as high standards regarding conduct and any/all wholesome endeavors. People from all over the world congregate to take part in this rather large but at the same time tight-knit community. Many also take pleasure in gaming at their own pace as well as meeting other friendly faces who love to game with other kind and pleasurable fellows! The games that are featured here include Destiny 2, Dauntless, Rocket League, Apex Legends, Table Top Simulator, and many more!   Dauntless:   Winter houses a grand balance of players within its Dauntless community. Winter’s Dauntless community includes players of various skill levels and specialties. All of which include: completely new players, mid-game players, late-game players, Top 100 Trials players, Renowned Top 5 Trials players, meta theory-crafters, artists, and musicians! We take pride in knowing that our community has been blessed with many talented individuals that have made Winter their home.   This community also does something quite different compared to the many other guilds in Dauntless. Here we like to create weekly scheduled events using a specially designed bot just for Winter. These events pertain to the normal /competitive grind as well as ones that spice things up creatively. These events include: - Trials Sub 3 events - Trials Top 100 events - Escalation and Hunting Grounds spam events - a Magic-style card game that takes advantage of Dauntless in-game mechanics and settings in order to sabotage opponents - a musical event where others can showcase their talents as bards while partaking in Dauntless hunts - competitive race events to kill behemoths faster than other teams using various systems, one of our more creatives ones being a Tank-Healer-DPS system - A find and kill event that requires players to hunt the correct behemoth based on a 15s drawing given by your teammate   Winter Guidelines:   Winter is a mature community, we have an age requirement of 16+ and prefer that our members have access to a mic/headset, we also hold a firm stance on any form of discrimination so this will not be allowed/tolerated in any instance.   If you think you will be a right fit for this clan:   You can find out more about us (not compatible with all browsers, Chrome and Safari recommended)   Join us directly

  Let us brave the frost together slayers! See you soon.  

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  • Btrflyprncezz LV.3 Lurker Jan 20, 2021, 10:22 PM

    Great community! Very social and active, highly recommended.