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Jul 17, 2019, 06:14 PM 473 read

Dauntless Trails to Hard for console players?

So I've been playing dauntless for while now and I was really excited when I heard that we where going to get "Trails" but that excitement was very short lived when I actually got in the trails, as of now 07/17/19 the trial beast is the Shockjaw Nayzaga. The modifiers put on this behemoth are fair.....for PC users. I went on the leaderboard and so far in groups only 13 total people that's 7 groups that have completed the trails on PlayStation Network. I can't say the same for Xbox but I'm assuming it's about the same amount of people. Then I go to The PC leaderboard and see top 100 people. On solo in PC there's again Top 100 on PS4 there is only 3 solo people out of 100 that's crazy. If that doesn't tell you that trails if heavily just for PC I don't know what will. I love dauntless it's one of my favorite games to play, but as for trials I think it was a bust at least for console players. Thank you if you read this whole speech sorry it was so long but dauntless, If you don't fix this the game will die. At least from the console community. Feel free to comment down below of your opinion if the trails need a "Nerf" or not.

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