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I wish that they would add a mode where they stretched the map and places 3 or 4 monsters in it at once and when you kill one another would spawn in 5 minutes and there would be all bioms in that one map and they stretched it a tiny bit and when you kill a monster of a certain element you get the orb like neutral or flame ice or thunder ect and there is a infinite amount of time to stay there and the more you level up the more explore options like upgrading the monsters in the map to level 2 so once there was gnasher now there is rage tail gnasher in second level exploration. And mushroom or sky blooms ect will respawning every 30 seconds or 1 minutes and when downed for a minute or 3 they respawn to spawn and have the option to go back to spawn before that Benifits .better use for flare .better neutral thunder fire ect orbs for armor upgrade .Better potion farming Wrongs .harder to track team when lost .easy to split up and get lost .when peaple are farming across the map they will get downed and they might be at the brink of killing a boss and have no syring I'm not trying to change the game patrol and pursue is fine I just want a better way to grind

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should we have a expedition mode

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