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What’s Your Favorite Type Of Weapon ❓

Hello 👋 Slayers of the Dauntless lounge. Welcome everybody. Now if you play Dauntless or have ever played Dauntless in your life or even watched some videos or streams on Dauntless you probably know about the different types of weapons in the game. The spear, axe, mallet, sword, guns, and hatchets. Now each of the weapons have a completely different and unique style of fighting. From Spears speciality of cutting off parts of the behemoths, to the Axes speciality of literally just trying to do as much damage as you possibly can. The weapon choice is honestly completely based on how you like to play the game. A ranger approach would obviously lead to the choosing of Guns, a more quick meme damage would lead to a sword. Everyone who’s played Dauntless has probably or will soon pick there weapon choice after there first couple hunts. Now here comes the question... what type of weapon do you main in Dauntless. I main an axe because I love doing lots of damage and just full on assaulting the behemoths. Tell me in the comments what you main or just vote in the poll

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Which Weapon Type Do You Main

  • Axe 10
  • Mallet 1
  • Guns 15
  • Spears 4
  • Swords 13



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