This was so satisfying.

I fucking hate fighting the shrike, it's so annoying.

LV.21 Bomb Defuser 3h

That's one way to finish a fight.

LV.21 Bomb Defuser 15h

That moment when you get your character to dance.

Just some casual fun before a big hunt.

LV.21 Bomb Defuser 18h

Grinded this game out a while ago but got bored. Just wondering if it’s had any big updates ?

LV.3 Lurker 2d

Got questions we will answer

Watch "Dauntless Q&A" on YouTube

LV.7 Nomad 6d

What's everyones favorite weapon.

I personaly like the double blades. I forgot their name.

LV.5 Lurker 6d

Check out the grind

Dauntless Grind - YouTube

LV.7 Nomad 6d


When a Behemoth makes you look like an amateur when youve killed them a dozen times before XD. Drask handed me my ass for some reason I wasnt on point that hunt

LV.12 Professional Noob 7d



LV.3 Lurker 8d

Here's the results of the first lesser gnasher

verified LV.25 Default Savior 18d

First time playing

I'm still kinda bad but it's fun.

verified LV.25 Default Savior 18d

So like WHAT?!

Okay am I the only beta player that stopped playing and can back to it and is now like 😱🤩🤩👀!!!??

LV.3 Lurker 20d

I need help fighting the riftstalker

LV.6 Nomad 21d

Free Twitch Prime Bundle

first come first serve

verified 21d

Whos liking the new hunt pass?

Im pink hbu lel

LV.3 Lurker 23d

POPULAR since I have no content to post

draws on the 25th

LV.25 Champion 24d

Would you rather Inferno Barrel over Ice Barrel

LV.5 Lurker 24d

Don't know where to find a ingredient

Anyone know what behemoth I fight to get a smoldering tailspike

LV.6 Nomad 1mo

POPULAR My first maxed out weapon

LV.6 Nomad 1mo

I'm in for a long grind.

Just got 2 new quests, and it's to fight 12 total behemoths like froatback Pangar scorchstone hellion deadeye quillshot and all those lol

LV.4 Lurker 1mo

Update on Dauntless

So I've been playing for awhile now and have a decent way in I have to say it's a Definitely right good fun! Really having fun and between me my cousin and younger brother nothing has been very challenging (previous monster hunter instincts have really helped me get dodging down) all the weapons have been really cool but my favorite is the warpike so far.

LV.24 Warrior 1mo

Fighting Justin beaver??

I'm by no means great but me and my cousin have been playing here and there the past few days this is one of the fights we did yesterday at 2am lol

LV.24 Warrior 1mo

POPULAR Recently started Dauntless

Heard alot of hype about it so I thought I'd give it a try with my cousin so far it's pretty great! Reminds of monster hunter in so many ways its not even funny lol. But here's what I came up with character wise!

LV.24 Warrior 1mo

Do you know why when I start dauntless on my PS4 it puts me to the menu of the PS4

LV.4 Lurker 1mo

Is dis good?

Is dauntless good?

LV.4 Lurker 1mo


LV.4 Titan 1mo

Hey just made a dauntless video with my friends, is this a good thumbnail

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

Gaming community?

So I’ve had this idea for awhile and I’ve tried presenting it on other platforms. I want to start a group of fellow gamers with the sole purpose of squad forming. So a diverse group of console and PC players that interact regularly on discord. With the goal of one person becoming interested in a new game and realizing that having a squad is almost necessary or would make for a better experience. That person can than hop on our discord and find other gamers that they already regularly converse with and are comfortable with to join them in whatever new game they are wanting to start. So overall a community of gamers that are friendly and willing to explore new gaming experiences with other like minded gamers. . If anyone is interested feel free to join the the discord or message me directly

LV.5 Lurker 1mo

Check it my channel, it has hella games i record its great!!!!!

LV.12 Gameboy 1mo

Starting out

So I just saw this game and saw it was for free in a video and am super excited to try it out. I keep reading about how hard the game is for console should I be concerned? Is it still worth playing or is it just that difficult?

LV.3 Lurker 1mo