Gta lol

I just win an 1v1 and I have 29 vs 20

LV.9 Bloodhound Main 12d

It's sad that I sold most of my fast cars, but it'll be worth it once I get the MOC

LV.7 AWPer 12d

On GTA5 online rn in my favorite spawned spot my house in The Paleto Forest Blaine County ☮️

LV.19 Assassin 12d

Shout out to TM36 GRIFFBEARD

CLAN always has my back
Wanna join the Crew/CLAN message on Xbox @TYRANTMILITIA

LV.19 Xbox 12d

Got the new car 🔥 if you got one let me see what it looks like 👇🏽

LV.13 Outlaw 12d

Repost ( underrated ) (Mine of course )

LV.24 Wild West 12d

I took this without knowing

LV.24 Wild West 12d

My main presenter

LV.24 Wild West 12d

At night (blue)

LV.24 Wild West 12d

Its still free gang

New Hell Cat

LV.3 Lurker 12d

Rage Time


LV.3 Lurker 12d

Uhh...😐New Side mission in GTA ??

Anybody know anything about this? I never seen this before so it’s most likely a new thing added.

LV.19 Xbox 12d

I got it 😂😂😂😂

LV.3 Lurker 12d

I had to deal with an idiot modder he’s a level 933on gta5 online aren’t modders suppose to help 😑

I lol boot him offline don’t mess with me

LV.19 Titan 12d

Just bought my two upgrades for my bunker😬🔥New Video today!

Now that I got my two upgrades I am SET to “getting rich overnight” using the bunker method on my new account DunceCapFilms level 36.

Bunker method link to post

Oh and I also got a new video to publish. It’ll be published today at 5:00pm Pacific Time.
And I looooove this new video😏like loooove it ya know?

LV.19 Xbox 12d

500k reward that’s it 😂

LV.19 Titan 12d

I got 500000

LV.13 Sharpshooter 12d

Its here

LV.3 Lurker 12d


LV.3 Lurker 12d


LV.20 Team Player 13d

Just ranked up to 211 just by spinning the wheel in the casino I played poker I think Monday ☮️

LV.19 Assassin 13d

Cut-throat 🔪

LV.5 Lurker 13d

Dear Admin

Fuck is this 😭

LV.21 Try Hard 13d

😂😂 My ArchEnemy #LIIL5

LV.3 Lurker 13d


LV.21 S 13d

🧘‍♀️💄@ct Up!! 💋 It'z@ Girl Thing!!💅 👡"Pretty Girl Rock"🧘‍♀️

#ps4 #girlgamer #rockstar #gta #twitch #youtube #moot

LV.5 Lurker 13d

Final Blow...

LV.5 Lurker 13d

Thinking of quitting gta a few days because I’m be playing gears 5

LV.19 Titan 13d


LV.21 Try Hard 13d

Hes not ready!😂🤭

More information about the oct 1-$500000 shark card💳💳💵💵 give away will be up soon.💰

LV.8 Nomad 13d