I'm going to let u pick

LV.21 Try Hard 4d

Been a while


🤪😁THANK YOOOOOOUUUUU for 200 followers!!😇🥳

🤗Thank you for 200 followers!!! I still have so many more guides and YouTube videos to put out! Thank you! 🤩🤪Also please be sure to check out my channel if you play GTA! Cuz I think you’ll like my channel🙂

LV.19 Xbox 4d


LV.19 Titan 4d

Another one 😂

LV.21 Try Hard 4d

6 years later still the best game ever I’ve ever played since midnight club. 9/17/19 GTA5 🤟🏻☮️

LV.19 Assassin 4d

Finally home from school, time to make 6mil💯💯🤑🤑

LV.9 AWPer 4d

Heading to the strip club after I hit my clubhouse

verified LV.27 Default Savior 4d

GTA5 online 2mr tho u know the vibes I’ll take a pic of those muscle cars then chill on gta ☮️

LV.19 Assassin 4d

Not on my screen 🤣

I didn’t hit him but I still got the kill

LV.14 Sharpshooter 5d

Gta 4 or 5 (mechanics wise)

Personal opinion I like the effect of shooting in gta 4 but I prefer 5 for variety of gameplay

LV.9 Nomad 5d

Does anyone even join random gta heists/setups?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who gets annoyed when u have to wait about half a day just to get 3 people to join ur stuff it's bad enough that the setups don't give much so I really don't get the point of even doing this stuff. If only u could do all of this but in a solo mode. That would make things so much faster bc u won't have to worry about randoms dying and making u have to start over and other randoms in the same team of ur heist leaving after u have to start over. But srsly do people even pay attention to the gta phone when you get invited to something? 🤨 I really wanna know. Or is it that they just bought tons of shark cards so they don't need to do heists. Can someone pls explain or something??? Bc I need answers bc most of my friends have other games so I don't get help on gta until one of my friends come home from school. 😴😴

LV.19 Apex > Fortnite 5d

Now that I’m on gta I rarely play fortnite

verified LV.27 Default Savior 5d

This some clips from the music vid vendetta was working on

LV.9 AWPer 5d

This a repost I did a day ago

LV.7 Outlaw 5d

Soo I won 250k at the slot machine it was the Egyption one it’s my new fav

verified LV.27 Default Savior 5d

Need help

I need help getting 2 to 3 mil i fo know how to do the bogdon problem if interested hmu

LV.3 Lurker 5d

Everyone report this fag he messed up my resuply for my bunker and boot me offline 😑it’s a Xbox user

This bum thinks it’s cool 😑

LV.19 Titan 5d

Rich N@$$@ Shit

LV.21 Try Hard 5d

LV.21 Try Hard 5d

How could ACT 2 glitch get patched?

It can’t exactly get patched but what rockstar can do is just increase the length of ACT 2 then nobody will want to do all of that for just a mil.

LV.19 Xbox 5d

Yall be doing too much lol

I just wanna know why some of yall males with a female in yo profile pic also in gta being a girl like come on now 😂

LV.4 Lurker 6d

🌊🌊🏄🏽‍♂️🌊🌊WAVY SEASON


LV.17 Sage 6d

What next car should I get or wait until the Tuesday?

LV.5 Lurker 6d

GTA RP > GTA Online

After playing GTA Online for some years now, I finally took the time to play on a RP server.

Well, first... it all started with Twitch and stumbling across “Eugene” and “Mr Chang” from the NoPixel RP server. This opened the light for me...

GTA Online can actually be... fun? Yes! But not GTA Online, GTA RP servers are privately owned, fully customized servers that actually like real life.

The cops are real, the cars are respond like real cars, there’s also a working hospital and EMS team. After seeing this, it was over. I had to try it.

So far I’m loving the RP server I’m playing on. Everything is realistic and no worries getting repeatedly ganked by some bored loser like on the Official GTA Online servers.

If you haven’t checked out the GTA RP servers watch a few characters on Twitch to see if you’ll like it then download FiveM (the GTA RP mod project). Next, connect to a server!

I advise you read the rules and become familiar with RP as it is truely different that any other gameplay style.

LV.3 Insomniac 6d

Stupid Things on GTAV online w/ Devin, Derek, & Shawn. 😂

Come chill on my YT live on GTAV I don’t know what’s wrong with us 😂😂😂 We have problems. 😭😂 YT - Heavenlyy X

LV.6 Nomad 6d

Not even the Batman can hold me in here

verified LV.27 Default Savior 6d

Scammer alert

DO NOT PLAY WITH ReReMax33 he just scammed me for 1M

LV.11 Chief 6d

So you guys like the new car??❤🏎💨 #KRIEGER

verified 6d

Impactzz is a hacker

DO NOT trust Impactzz he screwed me over and hacked my account and now ima lose everything

LV.2 Lurker 6d