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(GTA) Moving To BAND, My GTA 'Lounge' - Just In Case.

Hello GTA Mooties, Don't know how sure you guys are about the Moot to BAND transition so here is a quick recap.   -Moot is shutting down, moving to the app called BAND -You can log into BAND by using your regular Moot details. -We don't know when the lounges are moving over, if at all.  

Team Moot has not answering comments about this. I am not sure if the lounges will transition, or when.   Because of this, I created a GTA Band where it will be almost the same as here. It will also be under my rule, not un-answering admins so I can take suggestions and will answer.

-- How The Band Will Run: -I will be following under the Content Policy, which has always been okay. -The boards (which are here are Posts, Memes, & Promotions) are now #gtaonline #gtastory #lfg #memes #promotions and #suggestions . They should run the same as boards. The 'general' board (tags) would be GTA Online. -Zero NSFW content for any reason. That's been here. Don't act like its new.   Group Chat Leaders: Hello, If you are a group chat owner or I have contacted you about this post hello, I'm ErikPlays43 if I gave no context. You will need to make another group chat and you can here on BAND. Group Chat owners feel free to create your group chat here. Then, send the invite to people on Moot along with my guide link (3 dots > Copy Link) so they can get things started on BAND.

This guide I created will help guide you to BAND and just come back for this link and join.   You can follow both my Moot and BAND accounts here.

If anyone has questions do not dm me. Go to my ErikPlays43 moot account and dm me. Also, check there for all my contact information if dm doesn't work. You can also comment here.   Quick: In 4 days Moot may do the transfer. Do this as soon as you have time. #ep43

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