Windedlattice76 LV.21 Duo queue god
Jan 1, 2021, 09:15 AM 193 read

Brain dead people

Why isn't that I've been trying to do this f***ing dumb ass mission for lamar where you gotta go simply kill these two gangs that every time I get matched with the most brain dead f***ing people who match in and either don't do anything, drive so terribly that they take way way way to long, they die and waste our only life, and finally blow up their own car or the other groups car completely ending the mission I've been trying to just complete this pathetic piece of shit mission for 3 days but I seriously can't find a single actual intellectual at all and this is the whole reason I stopped playing this poor excuse of a mmo I have more fun dominating the leader boards in a battle royale like apex or in a any shooter like cod instead of trying my hardest to just do a simple job for cash to buy a goddamn car people like that just completely ruin the game and the only people that legit make me toxic im normally chill just wanna complete this damn mission let me know if any one else gets brain dead people

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  • TherapeuticAnimeGirl LV.22 S Jan 2, 2021, 03:46 AM

    Do the mission by yourself then, just turn off matchmaking and you'll be in a server by yourself.

  • Sh00terk3v LV.26 Link Jan 4, 2021, 09:15 AM

    yeah I hate that in gta probably why I stopped trying to do heists because I kept getting matched with people that would just ruin it or dropped out so I had to exit and find someone else because I needed a certain amount of people. I think I know what mission your talking about and I think I had similar issues but eventually got through it. if your on ps4 and if I'm free I can try and give you a hand I havnt played gta for about over a year because my son was born so mainly been sticking to online games so I can pause or exit without it been a pain.