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Lost Characters Explored: GTA III's Claude

Unlike the protagonists from future Grand Theft Auto games, GTA III protagonist he has little to no background and has no speaking lines in the game itself. The GTA III protagonist is called Claude with no last name. Claude plays a major role in Grand Theft Auto II and a minor role in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, he even makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online. In GTA: San Andreas, Claude plays a minor role where he loses his garage in San Fierro to the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas, Carl Johnson.

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Claude’s personality is very calm and serious and since he has no speaking lines in all of his GTA appearances, he seemingly uses people to get to his end goal and as long as he is paid, and not betrayed, he is content with the situation. Claude also has a very vindictive side as shown when he leaves Miguel to be tortured for his part in Catalina’s betrayal.

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In GTA III, Claude is forced to flee to liberty city with his girlfriend, Catalina, where she later betrays him and leads to this game’s path of carnage. This game’s path leads to Claude trying to kill Catalina, who states that she betrayed Claude because of his lack of ambition. While Claude may not be the protagonist of any current Grand Theft Auto games, he still lives on as a parent character model. He stays true to the original character by not having any speaking lines.

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Claude’s appearance is a tall caucasion male in roughly his early thirties and has a mid-level of muscle on his build. He has brown hair and a faint 5 o'clock shadow for his beard, he wears a black leather bomber jacket with bronze zippers with a black t-shirt, green cargo pants and blue sneakers. Claude is the only 3D GTA protagonist, with the expectation of Mike, to wear the same clothes throughout the entire game. This gives Claude an easily iconic look when compared to other characters.

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