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Oct 5, 2018, 05:03 PM 2,005 read

RDR2's success could possibly delay GTA 6

"So if we can believe that Red Dead Online will be a success and left to run with free content support for several years, it would make sense that the next game from Rockstar wouldn’t arrive until at least 2020."   "But if we can believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 could be upgraded for the next PS4 and Xbox Two consoles, like what with GTA 5, this could stretch the lift of Red Dead Redemption 2 further."   Our beloved Rockstar is releasing a long waited Red Dead Redemption 2 in 3 weeks. Red Dead Redemption which derived from Red Dead Revolver which is originally a Capcom game that had been bought out by Rockstar after experiencing difficulties in development, has been loved by many gamers for offering well-polished gameplay and recreating near-perfect American Old West. In the year of 2010, by winning Game of the Year awards more than any other games in the market, the sequel, RDR 2 became one of the most anticipated games.   Gamers are more than welcome to greet the newest of the RDR series, but it could possibly be the tragic news for those who are desperately waiting for next GTA game. There are speculations that by reaping a bigger success with RDR 2, Rockstar could potentially delay what's coming to the GTA franchise. They had been releasing new GTA games, if not spinoffs every two to three years since its first establishment. Since GTA Online's huge success, however, they never have really made any move to make progress to the franchise for five years. Because all the resources are focused on maintaining the guaranteed success, developers are rarely getting a chance to work on something new for the series, and quite frankly, there's a high chance that we would once again see Rockstar building a tower of cash through Red Dead Online.

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