Zalaam Zalaam LV.21 Beast
Oct 3, 2018, 07:08 AM 5,379 read

GTA Online's successful will poison Red Dead 2

Dear GTA Online,   I just wanted to say that I love you, and that I had a great time playing you with my friends but you had to go and mess things up by including microtransactions. Why did you have to go and build your popularity through milking people?   GTA I feel like you've become someone who I don't know. I worry that you're going to influence the rest of your family (Red Dead 2) through your unsavory behaviors. You neglected your original set of friends (those who play GTA) for people who don't stand for anything (adopting microtransactions).   Your loyal friends are worried that your new found friends are going to corrupt our beloved Red Dead 2 with bad habits that are going to lead to denying your original friends going out and experiencing new adventures (single player DLC). GTA Online please come back to us, so we can get back to the good old days.   I know that it's fun to stick around with the cool kids, but you're missing out on our quality time. So please come back GTA. Do the right thing and be a positive influence for the sake of your family and friends (Other Rockstar Games).   Sincerely, Zalaam


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