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Sep 24, 2018, 12:26 PM 1,614 read

Why GTA V is successful

Great Campaign: In the campaign you have the ability to play as three different protagonists who are unique in their lifestyles and ideologies. Experiencing the game from three different viewpoints allows the player to truly enjoy the diversity of landscapes that the game offers. Multiplayer: One of the biggest features of GTA V is the fact that an individual and a few friends can entertain themselves in the multiplayer aspect of the game from various activities such as VIP/CEO challenges, bunker missions, races, PVP game modes, or the ever stressful heists. The Game is constantly being updated: While there are many games that have great graphics, campaign, etc, not all of them are constantly being updated allowing their player base to enjoy games in a new way. How they have implemented micro-transactions: They’ve implemented micro-transactions in such a way that the game did not receive harsh criticism from fans of the game for the inclusion of micro-transactions. Mod Community: This is a PC exclusive reason why this game is still relevant in 2018. If someone who is playing GTA V is bored with the vanilla game, and wants to enjoy a new experience, they could add in a few mods to create a new experience that they couldn't have enjoyed otherwise.

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