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Aug 23, 2019, 06:15 AM 53 read

Gaming Career for GTA V??? HELP ME CHOOSE!

Hey Mooters, ProAlpha_Fox1 here trying to give you, the Ultimate Gaming Community, to choose what Gaming Career I should do?... ______________________________________________ Poll choices:⤵️ 1.) Editor *DESCRIPTION: Edit other gamers videos/clips to their approval. **INCLUDES: ⤵️ ✔.) Adding music to the background ✔.) Add intro and/or outro for video ✔.) Slo-motion edits ✔.) Speed-upped edits ✔.) Subtitle Edits. ✔.) Frame edits. ✔.) Cut edits and many more options. ***PAYMENT OPTIONS: ⤵️ ✔.) Pay $1.00 every 60 seconds the clip/video is at the end of an edit when approved by the owner of video/clip(Anyone Can Use) ✔.) Pay $10.00 weekly for 5 video/clips that you want edited (Members Only) ✔.) Pay $25.00 Monthly for 1 video/clip that you want edited for 26 days (Members Only) ⚠️ *NOTE*⚠️ 1 video/clip a day to be edited for 26 days ✔.) Pay a 1 time yearly payment of $150.00 for as many edits as you wish for 1 entire year. ****MEMBERSHIP COST:⤵️ ✔.) Pay a 1 time charge of $1.50 to become a member forever --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 2.) Advitiser *DESCRIPTION: Promote across ALL social media your gaming clan and/or gamertag with only positive things about that specific gamer **INCLUDES:⤵️ ✔.) Advertising on Facebook ✔.) Advertising on Snapchat ✔.) Advertising on Instagram ✔.) Advertising on Twitter ✔.) Advertising on Tik Tok ✔.) Help you find friends to game with ✔.) Help you find free to low-cost tournaments ✔.) Help you find a sponsor ✔.) Help you find a clan that matches how you play ***PAYMENT OPTIONS: ⤵️ ✔.) Pay $0.50 for each social media we share your Gamertag on ✔.) Pay $1.00 for each social media we share your Gamertag and your Gaming Clan on ✔.) Pay $2.00 to get help finding free to low-cost tournaments ✔.) Pay $2.50 to get help finding friends and free to low-cost tournaments (Members Only) ✔.) Pay $10.00 to get help finding a sponsor and a Gaming Clan that meets your play style (Members Only) ****MEMBERSHIP COST:⤵️ ✔.) Pay a 1 time charge of $2.00 to become a member forever ______________________________________________ I wanna make a career out of gaming so please COMMENT which job I should start doing and the services will be available for only Moot users for 2 months to have a trial period. I am so dearly sorry for this long read but I believe that this Moot Community can help me decide. If you have any tweaks that you'd like to see happen please DIRECT MESSAGE me immediately. Thank you so much for letting me share Mooters. Much Love, [KOBK]ProAlpha_Fox1

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