how much money do you get for act 2 heist

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Supra <3!

Mind taking 2 mins of your time in rating my Supra from 1-10. Ty!

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Why is sh*t like this always happen to me?

Just tried a preparation for doomsday heist and I just die like this :(
btw the whole squad hates me now^^

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After hours

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After hours

LV.3 Lurker 2d

After hours

All the heist

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Go Krazy 🤷🏽‍♂️

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new one's Review about GTA5

well, i just started to play this game GTA 5 as the first one to play GTA series.
it's sooo hard to drive that car lol
with Franklin right? I don't have any idea how to use that Special Ability, Driving Attention
I can't figure it out how those players in youtube can drive like that ways like I've seen their driving, no it was a FLYING with the car which is the same one I've just played
seems to be hard to enjoy this game, at least it'll take a few weeks i guess

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My Green Machines

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Gta5 RP

Is it possible to play rp on ps4 gta5

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Want to be in a GTA V video?

The main rule is to pay attention and follow the directors. Dont be childish. If you don't follow directions, you'll be kicked.

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POPULAR Flashback to when I played GTA..

I will say, GTA has a great replay mode and I absolutely loved taking pictures with it. These are just a few of many that I have! <3

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Im in green

Making that money

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GTA webisodes

I’m tryna start my own WEBISODES from GTA need good actors

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A Stunt...but i don’t know if it counts as a stunt

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[Info] Leak about GTA 6 development details

Former Rockstar Games employee accidentally leaked about GTA 6
Rockstar Games have been quiet about any news on the Grand Theft Auto 6, but now, fans of this game have spotted some evidence that Rockstar Game is working on their legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise.
The 3D artist had listed previous experience on résumé which is saying that he worked at the Rockstar Game’s India studio as a Junior Vehicle Artist from December 2017 to April 2018. The description for his work is “Create concept vehicles matching with real world for [GTA 5 DLC] and upcoming [GTA 6]”
This entry on his résumé has deleted since the image made its way across the internet.
If this slipup is to be trusted then it would suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 has been developed for at least over a year now, meaning that an official reveal is not that far than expected.

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How do you unlock the trader price on the oppressor v2?

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Can someone help me out?

I am trying to add GTA5 to my profile under my stats, but for some reason it is not letting me click the games it already has there to place them with the games I actually DO play... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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Check this video I edited

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What game you like more

Cod 4 or Gta 5

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Thoughts on GTA V role play servers?

GTA V has been popping off on Twitch lately with these role playing servers, most of them being "No Pixel" whatever that means. The streams are hilarious and it actually looks super fun to do. Has anyone here done a role playing server like the ones on Twitch? What's it like? How hard are they to get into?

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GTA Video

Ps4 GTA thug life video

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What’s up everyone

verified 6d

My new and updated Duke o'death

What do you guys think about this

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Cool games

This game is really cool

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#Money gang

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3 lucky moments in GTA5

#1. Lucky shot
Lucky miss
Lucky drift.

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