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Feb 17, 2021, 03:32 PM 401 read

Illest industries car meet crew for GTA5 PS4/5


illest Industries GTA V Car Meets & More (PS4) What we have to offer and what we do •Daily car meets •Active staff and active channels 24/7 • Photography Channels (after meets) •YouTube & Live Streamer Category & Channels. • 50+ Newly Recruited members • Friendly and chilled out staff & Member’s • Active Security 24/7 at all of our meets to make sure they run smoothly all the time • Unofficial & official car meets 24/7 a day •we train up our new recruited security members for meets with a security ranking system ! •We have a lot coming and getting added into the server in the up coming days , weeks & months !! **(What we are looking for) ? ** •New people to join our security team at illest Industries (you will be trained) •We are looking for new people to join us as live streamers & youTubers as we have a dedicated section for that. •We are also on the hunt for new security guards for the illest security team to make sure our meets run as smoothly and harm free as possible. •And we also are looking for some people who are interested in making some graphics for the team here at illest Industries !! 😄 Join us here at illest Industries today with the best chilled and organised meets👍🏻 Here’s the link to our discord 👉🏻 : https://discord.gg/CJtNMjdN86 #gta5 #carmeets #JDM #gtacrew

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