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Jan 26, 2021, 03:48 PM 517 read

new unlaunched fivem server looking for staff and other positions.


Hello Fellow GTA V Player, We are posting this post because We are going to be Launching a Custom GTA V FiveM Server and We come looking for People who may be interested in filling Some LEO Positions as well as Server Staff Positions. We are looking to fill Various Positions Across All Departments Including LSPD Positions, BCSO Positions, SAST Positions, Fire & Rescue Positions, EMS Positions as Well as Sub-division Positions. These Positions may be Department Head, or Other Various Positions depending on Department or Sub-division. (Looking for an Assistant Fire Chief, Chief of EMS, Assistant Chief of EMS and More...) As You can See We have Decided to Have Fire & Rescue, and EMS Seperate and We have a Reason for that. Some People Prefer One over the Other Where Some like Both and Can be Cross-Certified to be Trained in Both. A bit about the Server: The server has Fully Purchased LEO Packs for All Departments including but Not Limited to Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff Department, San Andreas State Troopers, Fire & Recuse, EMS, as well as Sub-divisions. We also have a large Variety of Civilian Vehicles, Open Interior Business' as well as Homes and other places to Roleplay within the Server. There will be Custom Logos, Custom LEO Vehicle Liveries, Custom EUP for All Departments, this Server will be Very Custom and have the Newest and Best Vehicle packs, EUP, Add-on Items, Interiors and so Much more. We are Very Excited for the Launch of United Nations Roleplay which is why We are Here Posting, and Seeking Serious and Committed People with Experience to Come Join Us with Our Experience and Launch. If You are Interested in Reaching Out to The Founder/Director, or Other Director You can Message the Original Poster, or Add One of Us on Discord, Both Discords will be Listed Below. Hope to Hear from You to Share some of the Hard Work that The Founder has put into Creating Everything Over the Past Months.   Founder/Director - Lexie - lolibrat #5617 Director - Evan - kapjr#6206

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