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I was wondering who wanted to to a military crew on gta5 online join if interested join for more detI was wondering who wanted to join a military crew on GTA 5 online for Xbox One. We are a military crew that hangs out on GTA 5 online, helps out its members, and different divisions to choose from to fit your style of play! What we offer: 2 different divisions to choose from -Airforce -Infantry For each division you will get the required materials starting from military vehicles to mark 2 weapons and anything you will need to be successful in your division. These things will be given to you when you are accepted into the crew, they will be given to you, but when you first join there will be a 2 week tryout period before you are a member and then you will be able to ask for funding. You can ask for the vehicles you need to get for the division you would want to join below⬇️ Airforce: Mainly any jet or military helicopter (LAZER, Akula, Hydra, etc.) infantry: Mark II weapons, Insurgent Pick-Up Custom, and Explosive Rounds are very good to have as well. If you would be interested in joining the crew comment down below that you are interested or just dm me. Requirements⬇️ :Must be Level 50+ :Must have a mic :14+ #GTAOnline #xboxone #pmc #discord

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