THE SHOGUN MC LV.15 PlayStation
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Support Your Local Shoguns (PS4)


Support Us - Experience Genuine Brotherhood - Become Part Of Something Bigger Than All Of Us - The SHOGUNS Are Eager To Recruit Mature And Committed Brothers. BE FOREWARNED ☠️ We Are Not A Soft Structured Organization. Our Hangaround And Prospecting Periods Are Rigorous As We DO NOT Want To Have Any Dealings With Individuals Who Are Not Devoutly Committed To This MC. Though, If Full Commitment Is An Issue And You Would Still Like To Be Affiliated With Us, Our Support Club Is A Sure Fire Way Of Staying Connected. Also, In The Near Future, We'll Be Hosting Car Meets With Competitions Throughout, Which Could Win You Digital Codes Of Varying Values To Be Used At Different Institutions. (PSN Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, UBEREats Gift Cards, Apple Gift Cards, Google Play Store Gifts Cards, Etc) Though To Participate In These Private Car Meets, You Will Have To Join Our Car Club (Not Available Yet. There Will Be A Post In The Future When This Crew Is Up And Running) So Give Us A Shout! - Art Created By A SHOGUN MC Affiliate

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