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Jul 19, 2020, 01:14 PM 40 read

(XBOX ONE) military crew


wondering who wanted to to a military crew on gta5 online for xbox one it is a crew that hangs out on GTA 5 online until someone messes with us at some points we would get in to wars with our enemy's and we have allies that can help us in wars What we offer: funding we have 3 different divisions to choose from -Airforce -infantry -Armoured (for each division you will get the required materials starting from army vehicle to mark 2 weaponsand thinku need to be successful in your division will be given to u but when you first join there is a 1-2 weeks before your and Fully a team and then you will be able to ask for funding) what vehicle can u get for for a division are below⬇️ Airforce: Akula,Nagasaki buzzard,FH-1 Hunter(any flying vehicles u could choose to get) Armoured:HVY APC,TM-02 khanjali infantry: insurgent,nightshark if you are interested on joining the crew comment down below that you are interested or just dm me requirements⬇️ :must be lvl 100 :must have a mic :1.0 kd :14+

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