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Mar 30, 2020, 03:38 AM 27 read

GTA V Roleplay Discord Community *PS4 ONLY*


Hey, this is the founder of your interested server and we would love to have you with us in our RP sessions that you can attend everyday a week. We started over a week ago and still have a great amount of professional and realistic members, you can apply for a whole selection of departments such as state trooper, highway patrol, civilian and other great choices. We also made civilian to be more fun and realistic by adding in a job application with a job list so you can choose over 70 jobs to do while you Roleplay. You can also be apart of our YouTube channel and if you have a channel you can send us a link so we can shout you out on Instagram and the community channel. Join us now with the link https://discord.gg/RgTynkn See you all there!!

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