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Dec 30, 2019, 03:40 PM 27 read

Gta v rp server

We are a xbox gta roleplay server we hope we can grow over time if you stream or even make youtube videos thats fine •We have a lot of different roles we will add more but we will be putting in some more but we have towing company's so if you dont want to be a civilian or cop you can be a tow truck driver. • We have a really good staff so far if you need help we will most likely be there to help or if you have a quick question we will be there. • We have a diffrent server that you have to go through and a couple of questions but It will be quick it wont take long. • We have a cad system we use a channel and if your a civilian you will just put your name, plate and if you have any tickets or warrants. If you get any tickets you will have to update it we are looking for some to make us a cad preferably for free. • We do have rules and they are pretty strict but other then that we are a pretty chill roleplay server so far. • We are looking for YouTubers or streamers but w just need People in general Contact me through discord dalla588 #7462 or instagram @dalla_588 https://discord.gg/vA5gV6K

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