That's how it is

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AFKs in nightclub for years lol

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That's how they are.

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Come chill

Come drag race and just chill

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Y E E T .

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-500.000 $

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I would absolutely help him with no hesitation

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WoAh!!! πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘πŸ’

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They see me rolling😎

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I need help

My friend needs me to make a meme for him, but idk what caption to put. So if you want leave a caption in the comments

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Just doing the average thing in the city

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Fuckin gta with its train following

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Pressure applied.....;)

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Doing sells.......added defence.....add me

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I'am wrong or right

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Cant talk cant walk cant speak, gonna kill myself this week, gonna sit down and cry cuz i really wanna die, my foes dont have to deal with me, ive made my destiny, gonna get my cigar, let it blow pull the trigger there i go

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When you go over the train tracks

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"Jeahhh, Ninja style."

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#RIPRyder #Ryderthegenius #Buster

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LV.3 Dream Chaser 4d

GTA5 is awsome I'm not kidding its insane


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GTA Casino DLC

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This is me when I die in gta

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