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GTA5 top 10 tips

10.) Watch Yourself When Attacking Security Trucks
Robbing a security truck may seem like an ideal way to cut and run with some money – especially compared to more elaborate heists. However, you'll want to prepare for trouble when breaking into one. After setting off the sticky bomb that'll open the truck, keep your gun on stand-by and prepare for opposition from both the drivers and any nearby police. Then, after you've taken care of them, grab what you can and hit the road. Don't stick around the crime scene or you'll pay for it later.
9.) It Pays to Help Your Fellow Man
When it comes to side missions, it may not sound like you're getting much in return. You'd be surprised how some can pay off, though. If you come across a bike thief, take them out and then return the stolen vehicle to its proper owner. Sometimes you'll get a simple thank you, but one in particular is a wealthy CEO who will line your pockets with $100,000 in stock as a result. See? It pays to have good judgment.
8.) Use the Secondary Driving Camera Only When Necessary
When it comes to pursuing someone, you may be tempted to use an alternate "follow" camera angle, which takes your eyes off the main road and concentrates on where your target may be heading. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster, mainly because it takes your eyes off the road. If you aren't careful, you'll end up colliding with passerby traffic or perhaps even a solid wall, distancing your follow target even further. Stay on their tail and only use the "follow" camera when you absolutely have to. You'll survive longer.
7.) Nail the Landing With Your Car
When it comes to mid-air jumps, you have a neat trick on your side that will help you with landing – you can control it in mid-air. Once you come off a big jump, use the left analog stick to twist your vehicle around so that you land as cleanly as possible. You may be tempted to perform a mid-air stunt, but you could also leave yourself open for a disastrous wreck. Think cautiously and nail the landing – you'll thank yourself later when you don't have to take your car to a repair shop.
6.) Let Chop Find Collectibles
There are a vast number of collectibles hidden throughout Grand Theft Auto 5, including UFO space pieces and other cool goodies. However, they aren't always in plain sight. That's why it's good to have a dog like Chop around. He can sniff out collectibles, making it easier for you to pick up stuff. Simply download the iFruit app for your mobile device – relax, it's free – and select "Make Chop Hunt For Pick-Ups." He'll do the rest – when he's not humping a lady friend, that is.
5.) Max Out Your Weapons
When it comes to getting the most from your firearms, you'll want to level them up as quickly as possible. This will improve their accuracy, bullet capability and firing capabilities, which can make all the difference when it comes to gun battles. Stop by Ammu-Nation when you have some extra cash on hand, and go ahead and level up your favorite weapons. You'll see big improvements the next time you get into a skirmish.
4.) Take Some Time and Relax
You might think that side activities are rather useless when it comes to getting your life of crime on, but in fact, they can provide an additional boost to your character. For instance, doing yoga with Michael will help improve his special ability skill, and playing golf and/or tennis will be a great way to ease up on energy loss after consistent missions. Besides, these activities provide a nice change of pace from the usual chaos. Give them a try.
3.) Buy a Hangar – and Save Yourself Airport Trouble
Entering an airport or military installation can easily spell trouble for your Wanted ranking – especially if you have a firearm drawn or try to steal a jumbo jet with security on your tail. If you want to ease up the tension a bit, invest in a nearby hangar. This will let you enter most air facilities, though some are still locked. It may be expensive, but it could save you trouble down the road – especially if you really want to boost that 747.
2.) Kill Your Opponents Quickly with a Head Shot
When killing adversaries, the best kind of shot to take is a head shot. Sure, you can hit them in the arm and/or leg, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're down for the count. Heavily armored enemies – we're talking high-level police officers and mercenaries – will take a lot more damage than your average gunman. Try to line up your shot and take it. This will guarantee their quick demise, and save you a headache when you want to end the gunfight.
1.) Take Cover
While in gun fights, someone like Trevor may be too cocky to find cover, shooting enemies while staying in plain sight. Honestly, though, cover is your best bet. By pressing the proper button next to an object, you'll find sufficient cover most of the time – unless enemies blow it apart quickly – where you can duck and take out targets with ease. Don't stay too much in the open, because you'll be looking at a hefty hospital bill as a result. It pays to be patient.

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Leveling your Character Stat

This is my method of increasing my stats and maxing it fast and easy in 2018. This is for people of new players who doesn't have money and for experienced players too.. MAKE SURE YOU PUT PASSIVE MODE ON if doing this in freemode.
method 1: get a bmx bike and start pedaling all around the city. you can do tricks like jumps and wheelies to increase your driving while increasing your stamina too.
method 2: just start sprinting around the city.
go to creator and create a deathmatch. find a location that is small but able to fit 60 spawn points. make sure the maximum players is 30 with 60 minutes, and 50 kills. make sure its a normal type deathmatch not a team deathmatch. make sure its forced only and unarmed. then click test and start beating up the npcs spawning in your deathmatch. parrying can increase your stats more but not so quick since the npcs are slow on attacking you. this method is better because they dont run away from you, they attack you since its a deathmatch. MAKE SURE YOU SAVED WHEN FINISHED YOUR MAP
do this more than 5 times and go back to a session to see the progression of your strength stats. if its not maxed out go back to creator, and go back to your saved map and try it a few more times killing npcs unarmed.
Go to the shooting range at the Ammu-nation, set to unlimited challenges and do Random Targets with the Minigun. you can do this with a friend or on your own. this will get boring and might take long since you are repeating the same challenge and task over and over again
People said this is like the most boring and slowest stat to increase because you just walk around in stealth stance. NO PEOPLE! STEALTH KILLING IS FASTER
go start Pier Pressure mission on your own. this mission doesnt have cops in the mission. get a knife or switchknife and start stealth killing them by going into stealth stance and locking onto them and kill them from behind. you will do a animation of shoving your knife in the npcs neck. go to a populated npc area to get more stealth kills faster. The Pier is the best example of a location to stealth kill npcs faster
Go to Flying School near the Los Santos airport and try to get gold on every challenge in flying school. this could be a hard and long one since the challenges is kinda difficult if you not good at flying.
once you got gold on every challenge, your flying stats will increased by not maxed out. Do the Engine Failure Challenge under Flying School multiple times until you max out flying.
go grab a motorcyle and start driving around Los Santos doing wheelies and stunt jumps. you can do this with a bmx to increase your Driving and Stamina stats at the same time!
LUNG CAPACITY: This stat i didnt even try to max out or increase because it is the most boring and longest stat to even progress through. if you want to increase this stat, swim underwater fast. Staying underwater the longest will increase this stat, so you can get a scuba suit to stay underwater the longest in my opinion. Around 1 hour under water.
Thank You for Your Time! This is my fastest way to increase and max out your stats fast in my opinion!

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Special Vehicle #1 : Deluxo

This is gonna be kinda long
The deluxo does cost 4.7 mil for buy now but that’s because it can fly we all know that. But there are some stuff that people don’t know or wouldn’t expect.

*You get the hovering and flying mode for free when u buy it right out of the market. You only need to pay for the missiles and machine gun. That’ll cost 250k max*

First of all the flying. The deluxo flys straight. It’s not like a jet where when u fly straight it’ll slowly go down and before u know it the plane is destroyed because u nose dived. And also when fly up the deluxo tilts upward. So it’s like a jet where u tilt up. But the deluxo can only tilt so much. Oh and also the deluxo goes max 80mph flying and at least 100mph driving.

Second the missiles. The first thing everybody should know is that the deluxo only has 30 middles. So yes you have to restock on ur middles by driving ur deluxo into ur garage, or Mobile operation center, or avenger, or a mod shop. Also the missiles are so overpowered that when u shoot a missile at a NPC the missile will hit the NPC. Like it will NOT miss. Even when you shoot cars. I was driving my vigilante and my cousin was driving his deluxo and we were fighting. So he shot a missile and I used my boost right when the missile got close so the missile could hit the ground but no it hit my vigilante and I died. And I tried so had to dodge the deluxo’s missiles but I couldn’t and kept dying. The missiles are soo ‘flexible’ and fast that they won’t ever disappoint you. Oh n the machine gun is actually really strong. I would honestly say it’s either strong as or stronger than the machine gun on a buzzard.

And yes the deluxo does get destroyed in one missile.

And the handling for the deluxo isn’t that hard. Probably the hardest part about the deluxo is landing on four wheels. But I’m not saying it’ll take more than a month to get used to it. I got used to it in like 2 months so your fine.

And lastly I highly recommend you to never press A while on top of water. Because when you tap A the deluxo puts the wheels in but then it needs time to take the wheels out so u can put it into hover mode. And so if u press A while flying make sure you’re high enough to go into hover mode.

Sorry for any typos I make, I’ll make sure to fix them ASAP.

If you have any questions feel free to ask whenever.

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