Vehicle Warehouse method: How to earn max profit

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Ok so I’ll start off with the warehouse and how to only source high end vehicles.

So what you do is you:
Have 10 low end Vehicles
Have 10 medium end vehicles

Then only keep 4-5 high end vehicles.

Then you have two options because if you do anything else it’ll mess up this method.

1st option: sell your high end vehicles as soon as you source
So yes as soon as you turn yours in to your warehouse you can sell it.

2nd option: wait till you have 4 high end vehicles and then sell all four
What about the MPC’s that shoot you?

Believe it or not a level like 120 told me that the MPC’s keep coming at you when you’re selling the vehicle in a lobby with no one else. Well they don’t.

Actually there’s only 4 squads that you have to take out of the MPC’s then your good.
So take out 4 squads of 2 (4 x 2= 8) a total of 8 MPC’s then you can turn in your vehicle

So what I do is I park my vehicle some where and get out and go far away from my vehicle and I just kill them off.

And I can earn my 400k if I have good driving and my team does too. Most of the time that doesn’t happen though lol.

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Fun Fact: Quitting GTA

If your supplies get destroyed/despawned/stuck then you can always go back to home screen and QUIT GTA and you only lose 5-10% of your stock
Quitting GTA serves as ‘You disconnected’ so that’s why GTA only takes 5-10% from your stock. It’s a penalty basically. But GTA won’t take everything away because i guess they know that not everyone has the best connection...or lobby even😅

You can also quit GTA if you max bet on the Casino and you lose. It won’t save so you can max bet again lol😅 ..and again till you win😂

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Vehicle Cargo Method

How to source ONLY High end vehicles

In order to do this you need to go by a ratio
So you’ll need

10 low range
10 medium range
Then you’ll need
4 high range (max)

This is will let you source only high end cars
But this does not guarantee it
Sometimes you’ll get a Mission where you have to source a medium or low range car
But it’s rare.
What about the MPC’s that chase you while you’re selling?

Well if you’re in a session with no rivals (there is no player in your session who ISN’T in your CEO)
Then what you do is you park your car somewhere and shoot off the MPC’s.

But you’ll have to drive a little far from the warehouse before the MPC’s start attack you

There will be 4 squads of 2 for the MPC’s. So a total of 8 MPC Vehicles that you’ll have to destroy.
Is there a way to not have the MPC’s spawn during your sell mission?

Yea there is.
All you need to do is have a friend NOT be in your CEO and let him sit in your session while the other friends sell the vehicles

So the reason why the MPC’s come after you when your in a session by yourself is because Rockstar want you to earn max profit.

They want to make it hard on you so it takes longer to get that Oppressor MK2.

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GTA 5 Top 5 Cheats

1. Upgrade Your Arsenal Free (Give Weapons)
Do you find it rather depressing spending your hard-earned cash at Ammu-Nation? Well, this code should take care of that; it grants you all the good weapons (Tier 1), including the Rocket Launcher. Re-enter it as much as you please to replenish your ammo.
Xbox 360: Y, RT, Left, LB, A, Right, Y, Down, X, LB, LB, LB
PS3: Triangle, R2, Left, L1, X, Right, Triangle, Down, Square, L1, L1, L1
2. These Bullets Explode (Bang Bang!)
What could be better, further accurate and more fun than the Rocket Launcher? Bullets that explode. Not only does this cheat work great against vehicles (they can easily tip them over or detonate them), but it also has a hilarious outcome on humans. If someone talks smack, launch them hard with a single bullet. This is extremely helpful against cops, the Army, and missions with large waves of enemies.
Xbox 360: Right, X, A, Left, RB, RT, Left, Right, Right, LB, LB, LB
PS3: Right, Square, X, Left, R1, R2, Left, Right, Right, L1, L1, L1
3. Get to the Chopper (Spawn a Buzzard)
The exclusive Blimp included in the game package was nice, but we found a far better aerial craft to use and get around in GTA 5. The Buzzard is a helicopter that allows you to fly around Los Santos and Blaine County quickly and see its beautiful sceneries. Even better, it comes equipped with both a turret and rockets in case you ever want to defend yourself – or just have the urge to cause havoc.
Xbox 360: B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y
PS3: Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
4. I'm Learning to Fly, But I Ain't Got Wings (Skyfall)
It's a Bird, it's a plane, it's...Michael De Santa? Perhaps one of the coolest cheats ever, inputting this code will automatically spawn your character in the sky (above your position from the ground). That's right – you'll be flying in the air as wind smacks you in the face fiercely. This predicament is similar to skydiving (you still descend as you move onward), but it's simply pure fun. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use your parachute in the process unless you ram into a landscape somehow and resurface in the air. This can easily result in an instant death, but you can always activate the Invincibility cheat (covered below) and combine it with this code; it's by far the most enjoyable and fastest way to travel.
Xbox 360: LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right, LB, LT, RB, RT, Left, Right, Left, Right
PS3: L1, L2, R1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Left, Right, Left, Right
5. Can't Touch This – Invincibility
There's one cheat that refills your health and armor, but this code is a tad better. Keep in mind the Invincibility cheat only lasts FIVE minutes; you'll have to re-input it when the time runs out. (The time limit is shown on the lower-right of the screen.) That's a bummer, but it gives you plenty of time to unleash chaos and not have to worry about taking a trip to the hospital and paying that expensive fee. Besides defending yourself with a handful of enemies and preventing injury, this cheat allows you to explore unique experiments with the game. Try hopping out of a plane, skydiving, or parachuting, and then nail the ground from far above. No worries for death here – or even a scratch.
Xbox 360: Right, A, Right, Left, Right, RB, Right, Left, A, Y
PS3: Right, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Left, X, Triangle

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Since everyone keep asking how I got rich here u go 😂


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Everything about Special Cargo Warehouses

Never mind! My video posted!😄 I guess it was just a glitch on my Xbox or whatever! But here’s the link
Ask any questions if you want! You can Message me if you need help in GTA! I’ll reply within 12 hours.
Stated by @chen0byi

“an extra tip, special cargo is great for leveling up and can sometimes have a thing when you can sell 150k or more for just a very special crate”

Special Cargo is a eeeasy way to level up for low levels!
What is a Special Cargo Warehouse?

It’s a warehouse where you can source crates. Missions vary in difficulty
Why would I need a Special Cargo Warehouse?

These are mostly for low levels because to source crates you need to pay a small fee that pretty much any low level can pay for (unless you decide to buy that fast car and now your broke)
How do I get one?

In order to get one you need to:

1. Buy a CEO office (Click on ‘Money and Services’ then click on ‘Dynasty 8 Executive’.

2. Go into your CEO Building

3. Go to the office and get on the computer

4. Click on Special Cargo

5. Choose which one you want to buy
Which sizes are there and which one should I get?

There’s three sizes

Small - 16 crates
Medium - 42 crates (I think)
Large - 111 crates

The one I recommend is a small warehouse because first of all your low on cash and you can’t spend that much
and second the small warehouse can give you 240k each time you fill it up.

If you have 3 small warehouses thats 240k x 3 = 720k.

But trust me, I have an Oppressor with missiles and it’s still annoying to get crates. The missions vary and like you don’t know what to expect sometimes. The long drives are annoying😬

*Don’t get a large warehouse because it’s a PAIN to fill it up.
What kind of missions are there?

The missions vary. Here’s a list of some harder ones
- shooting down a Valkyrie then shooting the people falling from it
- shooting helicopters from the sky
- chasing a bullet proof police van
- going out to sea and shooting the MPC’s on the boats (this one is a PAIN)
- using trackify to search for the vehicle

But all of these are do able with one person.
How many crates should I source and how many should I sell?

You should always source 2 - 3 crates. If you have a fast vehicle then do 3 crates. If you have a slow vehicle and you’re not that good at GTA then do 2 crates

*Also if you want to easily sell then go up to 8 crates. 8 crates will guarantee a single player sell mission*

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(Xbox only) How to get a Public Session to yourself

So I REALLY want to post this YouTube video that I worked soo hard on and when I try uploading it to YouTube from rockstar editor all it says is that my YouTube failed to upload😭...Fuuuck I worked soo hard on it too! That video is literally the best I’ve done. It has music in it too! My connection isn’t the best so I’m not surprised that it’s not posting😣
* I waited to post this because I know the Casino Update will mess up the connection issues we have and make them even worse.
* Please read EVERYTHING before you do this.
* Also ask questions if you need to, I’ll reply within 12 hours

This post will help A LOT because you can get a public session to yourself and you can STILL sell your stock with your friends. But they’re some important things you need to worry about when you do this. I’ll talk about it.

Also if you haven’t follow my Instagram!

First get into a public session

Then do this while you’re in your public session:
⚠️If you have a ‘Strict’ WiFi connection then DO NOT do this, my friend did it he found out he couldn’t talk to me for like 3 days. He found out his connection is Strict. Having a Strict connection is RARE but make sure you don’t have that⚠️
(When you do this you won’t hear your friends for about 5-10 secs)

1. Press the big X on your controller
2. Go to settings
3. Go to network then network settings
4. Then click ‘Test NAT Type’
5. Wait for 5-10 secs (probably more)
6. Go back into your session

You should see everybody has left your session
What about your friends ?

DO NOT invite your friends! Your friends will have to join off you gamertag. The reason why is because right after you tested your NAT Type that session your in becomes private to the person who tested that NAT Type.
If you invite your friends it’ll tell GTA that your session is public because, think of it this way, you’re inviting another Connection to your session so you’re sharing a connection in that session. So once you send that invite you’re saying ‘ok people can come into my session’

If you disconnected from your session after you tested your NAT type you won’t be able to get back into that session.

If a friend disconnects from your NAT Type session then he/she most likely will NOT be able to join back

If you leave because you wanna do a job then yes you CAN join back into that session.

❗️You can make a brand new session and test your NAT Type again if your friends can’t join back❗️
Will my game glitch if I do this?

No it won’t. All your doing when you Test your NAT Type is your using your own connection to get a session to yourself. That session is YOUR OWN connection
Is there anything I can’t do?

No, you’re in a public session and everything is the same except the fact that your by yourself.

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what are the best money glitches for PS4 ?

i need a money glitch because i an low on cash

LV.3 Lurker 5d

I need some money

Dose any one now gta 5 money glitches I only have 5k

LV.2 Lurker 5d

I need help making money.

Does anyone know how I can make money fast?

--Things I have--
-CEO Building
-Casino Penthouse (Did all story missions already)

If you could leave a comment that helps it will be greatly appreciated

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POPULAR The insurgent; Why it’s a “must have” Vehicle

The insurgent will win 5-0 against an Oppressor if you have a driver and a gunner in the insurgent and a driver for the Oppressor.
The reason why a lot of people have the insurgent is because it’s the “counterattack” to the Oppressor. ...Or it’s because people love to ram into things because of the strong armor on the insurgent😅

The Armor

So I found out that an insurgent will take 5 RPG’a to destroy which also means that it’ll take 10 Homing missiles to destroy.

But @delet this said

“try testing with an occupant in the insurgent, it'll take 27 homing missiles”
So it’s more homing missiles if someone is inside the insurgent😬
(Also in comments)

The armor is super strong and never have I ever gotten a wheel jammed or the engine smoking because of ramming things. It’s that strong.

But bullets can still go through the windows. I have that armor on it but MPC’s with their retarded auto aim still get me. It’s not like the kuruma.
The Speed

It’s not that fast because of all it’s armor. It maxes at like 80ish or like 75 mph. I never went past 100mph though. Well not that I can remember. But the armor will definitely impress you

The MG

The MG is pretty strong. Especially when you get the one I have⤴️. It’s that faster spinning one but mine does a little less damage but that fire rate is super good because if you wanna shoot down an Oppressor coming at you it’ll be easy but there’s more bullets going at the Oppressor so you can hit the driver easier.
The trunk ...🤔

I don’t know if players can go in the trunk of the insurgent lol. I never tried to put my friends there. If anybody knows if you can please say in the comments and I’ll copy and paste what you said while giving you credit.

(If anybody knows if you can carry juggernaut players in the back please let me know in the comments because I haven’t tested that yet. I don’t ever use my juggernaut suit. I will update this post if I can get an answer and I’ll give you credit)

But I mean then again why would you put players in the trunk??? Isn’t the insurgent gonna be flipping over like crazy like while you’re driving ?? 😅

So yea people get the insurgent because of its counter against Oppressor’s. And because it helps a lot during certain sell missions against MPC’s. ...Oh And because of its armor and you can ram your friends cars and get them mad. 😆

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The Avenger: Is it worth It?

The Avenger

So before you decide to buy the Avenger make sure to own a facility because you’ll need it to store your Avenger

How to use V-TOL Mode ?

Just press Left on the D-pad.
The guns

The guns are suuuper powerful and there are 3 guns plus the driver. The guns are explosive shots and the range is unbeatable by any other aircraft.
BUT the driver CANNOT use the guns. You’ll need additional friends inside the Avenger with you to man the guns.
The Flares/Chaff

The driver can’t use the Flares. Only the Passenger can use them. Same goes for Chaff and Smoke trial.
Can you drop vehicles in the air with the Avenger?

I just wanted to talk about this because I mean who doesn’t want to drop a vehicle from the air?🤷🏻‍♂️like it’s really fun especially if you wanna shoot a movie

But YES you can drop vehicles from the Avenger.
The Armor

The Avenger is NOT a one tap with RPG or Homing missiles. I’ll say, from what I can remember, it’s a 3 tap with homing missiles🤔

(Not sure. If anybody knows for a fact please say in the comment section and I will give you credit)

(Read a little further down to read what someone posted, I gave credit as well)

Also you can hit like tress with the blades and it won’t explode right away. I’ve done it so many times.
The Speed

It’s pretty fast I won’t lie. But you can still control the Avenger.

Stated by @Felts

“The avenger takes up to 30 homing and I believe 15 or so rpg shots. It’s very fragile in the wing area since those can be blown up fairly easily. I’d say about 2-4 hits should do it. Besides that it’s very bulky but can easily get destroyed by someone with [a] brain”
(Recently in the comments)

So yea 3 missiles is waay off😅 I knew that was wrong but it was a guess

What else can the Avenger have?

You can have:
- A Vehicle workshop
- A Weapons workshop

Overall the Avenger is NOT a griefer vehicle. It’s a grinder vehicle specifically for the HANGAR.
I’ve used the Avenger soo much for my Hangar and I’ve earned a lot from the Hangar. It’s so much easier with it.
(Yes in order to earn a lot of profit from the Hangar you need your friends to help you)

So to answer the question,
Is the avenger worth it?
Yes it is
Because you can use it to help you earn money for the Hangar.

If you’re a grinder then yes get the avenger. If you’re not then don’t bother with the avenger.

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Fun Fact: How to hit people while driving a motorcycle

While driving a motorcycle (excluding the Oppressor MK1 & 2) hold A and press RB or LB to hit whatever you want to hit.

If you hit someone else driving a motorcycle you can knock them off the motorcycle.

Not a lot of people know this so I’ll just get this post out of the way👍🏼

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The Deluxo, why you should/shouldn’t get it

The Deluxo is mostly opinion based because there are Pros and Cons to this vehicle but please this post to see the sides and see if this vehicle is right for you.
First thing I will say is that the missiles for the deluxo will like NEVER miss. They are so flexible that if you shoot a helicopter or jet that flys on the corner of your screen you will most likely hit it. Like jets and heli’s have no chance against the deluxo missiles.

What about the MG?

The MG is good. Well better than the Oppressor’s. But let’s not get into that because you won’t be using the MG in the deluxo ever
How’s the speed?

It sucks. You go a max of 80 MPH in the air. If you aim down while flying you go like 120 (I think). So yea the speed isn’t all that there😅
Can you dodge missiles?

Well you can buuut it’s suuuper hard to. I dodged one missile in my whole GTA career with the deluxo and I just got lucky I think
So what is it good for?

Well it’s obvious that the deluxo isn’t going to be the first vehicle you pull out when griefing but in my honest opinion I think that deluxo is the ULTIMATE DUO grinding Vehicle

So yes I think you should buy the deluxo if you have a best friend and you and him are always grinding and always grinding off of your bunker or MC businesses or Special Cargo or even Vehicle Cargo (I use all) then yes definitely get the deluxo.

Think about it, the deluxo is a two person Vehicle and the driver gets OP missiles that are better then the Oppressor just by an inch and the passenger gets to shoot out of the vehicle with his personal weapons. So I mean if you two communicate then you two can max all businesses upgrades within a month. Then all you gotta do is keep rinse and repeat.
Can the deluxo fly over water ?

Yes it can but there are some stuff you need to know
First of all if you’re in the deluxo above water you won’t be able to sink the deluxo into the water by aiming down with your analog stick unlike the Oppressor MK2. Which is completely retarded that Rockstar did this but I guess🤷🏻‍♂️

BUT if you get out of the deluxo while it is STILL above the water then the deluxo will fall into the water

If you get out of the deluxo while it is MOVING above the water then it NOT sink into the water.
Can you pick up a friend when your friend is in the water?

Yes😄 you can and I fucking love how Rockstar did this because this is something I didn’t expect from them.
So yea if your friend clicks Y next to your vehicle then he can get in. He’ll just teleport into it. Yea I know weird huh😅?
So overall if you’re a grinder then get this vehicle. All my crew members are getting this vehicle because they all know this will help them because I convinced them😊
But if you’re a griefer and you can’t help but to kill someone for a min then do not get this. You won’t be calling this in to kill players lol.

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How to look tryhard

LV.2 Lurker 11d

GTA 5 | Solo Public private lobby [Xbox One]

Working on the newest update!

1-Go into any public lobby on gta

2-Press Xbox home then settings then network settings

3-Press Test NAT Type

4-Wait for the notification pop up to say GTA is ready

5-Go back to gta and you should be in a lobby by yourself feel free to invite your friends and grind your business ect


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POPULAR The Terrorbyte, why you should get it

Click on the link to watch it!

Before I start with this post I’ll just say that me and my friends all agree that it takes 32 RPG’s and Oppressor Missiles to destroy the Terrorbyte. So yea the Terrorbyte is a safe house for a CEO and it’s associates if they’re scared lol.
Stated by @Agent M Ghost (recently in comments)

“its double for each rpg since the Opressor uses homing missiles which are half of the damage of what a RPG does”

Thank you for the correction👍🏼
So I was wrong in the text above. The RPG does double the damage compared to the Oppressor missiles.

Also I won’t be showing any pics inside of the Terrorbyte because i don’t know who has it and for those who don’t have I won’t be showing pictures because if you don’t have the money for it then why would I show pictures inside of something expensive like this?
This vehicle is NOT griefer vehicle it’s a grinder it’s used to start any mission from ANYWHERE on the map. All you have to do is call it in through the interaction menu and it’ll spawn like a MOC but a lot closer.

The missions you can do with this is
- CEO Special Cargo crates
- CEO Vehicle Cargo
- MC Resupply missions
- Bunker Resupply missions
-Client Jobs that pay 30k + which Is more than missions. Client jobs are during the session so you don’t have to leave the session
Do you need a Terrorbyte to have an Oppressor?

You only need a Terrorbyte to put missiles on your Oppressor.

If you have Oppressor but DON’T have a Terrorbyte you can still store your Oppressor in you garage.

(A lot of low levels don’t understand that⤴️so I wanted to clarify)
You also get a weapons workshop inside the Terrorbyte so you can get MK2 weapons

What else can you get inside the Terrorbyte?

You can get:
- A drone station
- A lock on air defense system

The drone system
I mostly use this as a spy because I sit on the computer inside the Terrorbyte and I just use the drone to look around before I exit the Terrorbyte in public sessions. Off radar players are annoying lol.

The lock on system
Let me just say I haven’t used it since I bought it lol. Like it sucks.
Oppressor modifications

Missiles or MG ?

Missiles because the MG is hard to aim while in the air. It doesn’t even destroy targets in one hit with the explosive MG.

Flares or Chaff ?

Flares because missiles will follow it because of its heat signatures.
What is Chaff
Chaff just stops anything from locking on to you for about 10-15 secs. But if a missile is already shot then you might as well jump off your Oppressor lol because you’re gonna die😅
What’s the Vehicle Workshop ?

The Vehicle workshop is ONLY for the Oppressor!
That is where you put the missiles on it or Flares/Chaff.
Is the driver seat or passenger seat Special?

Yes it is
You can use a player monitor system (forgot what it’s called) where it can show some valuable information about the player😉😏

I’m pretty sure when both the driver and passenger are in the seats only the passenger can use the player monitor system
But if the driver was in it by him self then he could use it.

Also this camera can be used as a spy device because you can scan pretty far away and it has a rear camera as well.

Oh and also the windows on the Terrorbyte are bulletproof! After about 10 shots it’ll break.
I have a feeling I’m forgetting something🤔 I’ll make sure to update this post if I do forget something.

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Can I customize my oppressor at my custom bike shop

LV.11 Chief 14d

The Scramjet ? Is it worth it ?

Probably the one thing that the scramjet is really known for is its boost and jump. Use both and you can fly across the entire map.

But what other purpose does it have besides keeping you from getting bored in GTA ?

Well what I use it for is Vehicle Cargo because the scramjet lets you use your weapons while inside the scramjet. You also get to switch to missiles.

So yea this better then using an Oppressor or Deluxo because when you get next to the Vehicle you wanna take you can just shoot all the enemies. You can missiles too if you feel it’s ok.
The boost let’s you also fly to the vehicle you need.
The armor:

The armor on the scramjet is waaaaayy better than I expected.
I can hit soooo many things before the scramjet even starts to smoke.
The missiles (updating this to find exact number of missiles, I think it’s 20 or 30)

The missiles on the scramjet are suuuuper good especially for other online players in Oppressor’s and Jets. Helicopters don’t stand a chance.
The mini gun

The mini gun sucks. Don’t use it lol.
The control on the road

Well we all know that the boost is gonna jack up the control but I mean🤷🏻‍♂️ you do what you gotta do lol right ? If you need to fly then fly 😅
The NORMAL speed

The normal speed is really good and you can easily catch up to any fast car on the road.
And yes all the fun is there too. Get creative and you can even make a in game movie using the scramjet. Maybe a superhero scene.

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Scammer alert: Unteartly is scamming people report him.

Do it

LV.7 Nomad 15d

Arena war glitch

Can someone tell me how to do the eligy arena war glitch because I've searched it up and it doesn't work. Someone pls tell me how to legitimately do it. Thanks if u do

LV.6 CTs Win! 16d

How to get custom license plates

Before I start I’ll just say that to get a custom license plate it’ll cost 100k.

Make sure to ask questions!
So first on your phone in REAL LIFE:

Download the iFruit App
Once it downloads:

Sign into your social club

You’re on the main screen now and now click on los santos customs

Now click on you’re ONLINE profile (mine is JAGB3AST)

Then click on the top right where the license plate

⚠️Not all cars have license plates! So don’t spend 100k for a car that doesn’t have a license plate⚠️

This is where you type in your license plate you want

Type it in then select order on this screen⤵️

I picked the deluxo so I can put a license plate

⚠️Swipe left or right when you’re on the Garage Tab to select different vehicles⚠️
Then you’re gonna get this notification in GTA during your gameplay

Then head to a Mod Shop and make sure you have the vehicle you wanted to put the license on
(Call it in)

Then you’re gonna see this in the mod shop

Ask any questions if you want!

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What’s Desync? Why does it matter?

Desync is what Rockstar added in to GTA where other players will see something different than what other players see

GTA added this after the Casino Update.

So for example:
I am driving and I crash into a MPC and my friend in the car see’s I hit a light pole but I didn’t

That’s what it is.

Supposedly this was supposed to make the connection better but really it made it worse because now what’s point of sitting in the same car with your friends?
If you have a good connection this still affects you just a little.

I don’t see much benefit in this but I mean let’s see how this benefits the long run of GTA🤷🏻‍♂️

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LV.12 Sharpshooter 17d

What is the bogdon glitch???

I see “help with bogdon glitch” all over the groups section and have no idea what it is..? Can someone explain it to me?

LV.3 Lurker 18d

Follow up on the money glitch, read description

If you would still like to do it add me on Xbox “Revanzz” and just invite to a party when I get on and also follow me on moot

LV.3 Lurker 18d

How to have a good RP session

I’ll tell you everything me and my crew do when we have Rp sessions

Btw my crew is very serious about Rp and we have one man in our crew who’s in charge of Rp.
So first make a invite only session and invite everybody in your party (9 people max, if not 12)

Next go ahead and choose who wants to be a cop and who wants to be a civilian.

Then you have to pick a solid place to Rp and I suggest going to Sandy Shores, that little town.
For the weapons me and my crew choose

- No Mk 2 weapons
-Heavy pistol
-Carbine Rifle or Bullpup
- Pump Shotgun
- Baton (Melee)

*Have a gun locker to have weapons set*
For vehicles

- No sports or super cars
- No Red, Blue, or Yellow layout under care
- No weaponized Vehicles
- No monster trucks
We also separate into separate chats

- police officials stay in Party
- Civilians stay in game

-go to party chat when you need to report a player

Any player who decides to mess up the Rp session we vote to kick him


- No masks

License plates don’t matter because not all cars have them

(Updating this post soon)

LV.15 Rootin Tootin 19d


Can anyone help with the “error joining grand theft auto server” issue?

LV.2 Lurker 20d

Epic car

Buy the criminal enterprise for only 5$ more epic

LV.3 Lurker 20d

can someone help me choose on what car to get. i’ve got money to spend but need a decider

LV.8 Sharpshooter 20d