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A few years ago, when I was first playing through Grand Theft Auto 5's story, I submitted a piece for community blog site Critical Distance about my complex relationship with Trevor because of the death of GTA4: Episodes from Liberty City protagonist, Johnny Klebitz. In the article ( https://medium.com/@danjlipson/why-i-cant-kill-or-forgive-trevor-ab551a122909 ) I lamented the death of perhaps the most morally sound character in GTA history in an effort to introduce the most morally deranged one, Trevor.
With some of the online additions to GTAO, it's like Rockstar started reopening the wounds. Back in 2016, the game introduced motorcycle clubs as part of a big update. It was a great way to get players cruising around the lesser-traveled parts of Los Santos and create their own motorcycle gang together with other players.
The only problem? Rockstar North already brushed aside a huge chunk of the canon by killing Johnny early in the single-player story, and they further drove a nail into the coffin by making all of the biker-related online content centers around building a drug-smuggling empire (Johnny was very anti-drug). It seems like Rockstar wasn't just content in killing their canon, they had to bury it, too.
As Ballad of Gay Tony gets introduced into GTAO, we might have another chance for Rockstar to kill their own darlings, but because it was spared from the single-player treatment, Luis and Tony might have a bit better luck.
While Johnny's awesome and close-knit biker gang from the Lost and the Damned will never see another day in the sun, it's nice to know that After Hours will be bringing back Gay Tony to usher us into the nightlife. While Luis Lopez is nowhere to be seen, that may be for the best - last we saw of him, he wanted to focus on his family and start living large in Liberty City.
Are you happy Rockstar brought back Gay Tony? What other past Rockstar characters do you want to see them revisit?


PopularWhy GTA V is the Greatest Game of All Time

Although it's been a bit of a rocky journey, Grand Theft Auto has become a gaming goliath and joined the likes of Mario and Pokemon as a household name. It's been more than 20 years since the first GTA came out and paranoid soccer moms have been dreading the title ever since.
This is a series that has sparked outrage, protest, and evening news segments claiming that it turns kids into killers and drug dealers. But even though the outside world saw these games as dangerous, the gaming community saw them for what they really were: incredible.
Of course, we've come a long way in 20 years. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is now widely considered among the best ever and has earned every bit of both its critical acclaim and commercial success.
But this isn't about the series. This is about GTA V, and why GTA V is the greatest game of all time. I’m not gonna delve deep into the single player/story because it’s excellent but you already know it’s excellent because it’s something that GTA games consistently do excellently. And I’m not trying to downplay it: if GTA V was only single player it would still be a fantastic, award-winning game. But I’m so glad it’s not.
GTA has always been at the forefront of providing gamers with plenty of content and plenty of freedom, and GTA V Online is what happens when they dial it up to 11. This is the type of freedom you get when the franchise that made open world the standard decides that gamers are too restricted. There’s not many games out there where you can blow things up with helicopters, join the mafia, become an assassin, have tank wars and knife fights and you get the point. You can do literally anything you want.
Here’s a story:
I was browsing GTA on Twitch for the first time and randomly clicked on one of the top English streams. I think it had like 900 viewers. It was some guy in a role playing server, and he was role playing as a member of the Kudo Kai Yakuza. He was engaged to a wealthy businessman which had apparently ruffled some feathers in the community and people were out to assassinate the Kudo Kai guy.
Over the course of 10 minutes I watched this guy hire security, wait for security while his chauffeur drove him around, get shot by an assassin, get driven to the hospital, and have surgery. While he’s at the hospital, a sheriff comes with a handcuffed inmate that needs treatment for taser wounds. While the doctor is tending to the inmate, the sheriff notices our Yakuza man and starts talking to him, at which point the inmate sprints out of the hospital and when the sheriff notices he chases after him. What's so crazy about that? THESE WERE ALL REAL PEOPLE.
That was a real human being dressed up as an inmate, as a sheriff, as a nurse. Real people who had businesses as drivers or as security or as assassins. When you combine that level of freedom with the level of quality that GTA V gives you, what you get isn't just something magical. Not just a masterpiece. What you get is the best there is, the best there's ever been, the pinnacle. And I can't wait for a game to come and change my mind.
PS: That guy never did get his deposit back for the security guards


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