GM Karen LV.17 GameManager
Feb 13, 2020, 08:37 PM 214 read

[Event Notice] Valentine’s Day Events

Events (Terminated)

Hello Saviors, this is GM Karen, and Happy Valentine’s!   In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the following events have been prepared for the season   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ◈ Valentine’s Day Attendance  

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  ■ Event Schedule 2020.02.14 (Fri) 05:00 ~ 2020.02.28 (Fri) 05:00 (14 days)   ■ Event Contents - Upon logging into the game during the event period, players can receive Valentine’s Gifts prepared by Fellows   ■ Event Rewards - Day 1 : Philippa’s Valentine’s Day Gift - Day 2 : Nazriel’s Valentine’s Day Gift - Day 3 : Lucinda’s Valentine’s Day Gift - Day 4 : Karen’s Valentine’s Day Gift - Day 5 : Lalika’s Valentine’s Day Gift - Day 6 : Lady Gray’s Valentine’s Day Gift - Day 7 : Mr.G’s Valentine’s Day Gift   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ◈ Valentine’s Day Special Package   ■ Event Schedule 2020.02.14 (Fri) 05:00 ~ 2020.02.21 (Fri) 05:00 (7 days)   ■ Event Contents - Event Specific products can be found in the Cash Shop -> Special -> Recommended Category  

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  ※ Disclaimer - If players fail to attend 7 times during the attendance event, the player will not be subject to receiving full rewards  

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Comment 1

  • JVprimea LV.2 Lurker Feb 23, 2020, 11:00 PM

    Your game is great! very enjoyable and fun!!

    Thanks for the great effort in keeping the player community engaged with a lot of great content and events!!

    A couple of things i discovered.. before the Feb update.. i had no lag issues, but with the new update, the game freezes or pauses for 1-2 seconds when fellows cast their skills..

    Also, with the new update, my friends and i experience many problems with the force battle.. like the game suddenly exiting, forcing a restart of the game; and in three specific times -- my device just froze and restarted automatically...

    It also takes a very long time for the 3 players in the force battle to load (20-30 seconds..)

    Finally, force battle messages are not showing up in the guild chat or general chat..

    I'm using a galaxy Tab S4 with the latest android version 9. One UI version 1.1

    The player base will highly appreciate if you can address these issues...

    Kudos again to the development team of this game!!