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Aug 22, 2019, 02:01 PM 6,445 read

[Event Notice] Guild Competitions - Regular Seasons

Events (Terminated)

Hello Saviors, this is GM Karen.   After two pre-seasons, the regular seasons for Guild Competitions will now be initiated.   Unlike the two pre-seasons that took place in a relatively short time-span, the “2 weeks of Combat period and 1 week rest” schedule will repeat, and with greater League Points, players can receive greater rewards accordingly.   Also, with each week’s combat termination, [Competition Coins] will be provided upon on top of ranking rewards, and with [Competition Coins], players can purchase the [Herse Guild Skins] Souls for a new Fellow Character [Shield of the Crown - Valein], and other prizes at the newly added [Competition Coin Shop]  

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  ■ Competition Regular Season Procedure - 2 weeks of application and combat / 1 week rest - The procedure will repeat itself throughout   Every Monday 05:00 ~ Wednesday 03:00 (2 days) Every Wednesday 05:00 ~ Monday 03:00 (5 days)   ■ Competition Rewards 1 Soul of Valein (twice per day) League Ranking Rewards (Once per week during Combat Period)   Thank you.  

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