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[Event Notice] Guild Competitions 2nd Pre-Season

Events (Terminated)

Hello Saviors, this is GM Karen.   With the update on the 20th of June, the second Pre-Season for Guild Competitions will take place.   During the Pre-Season for Guild Competitions, Guilds will be able to apply for the Competitions during Mondays and Tuesdays, And throughout Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sunday, Guilds will be competing against another Guild in the designated group.   Through the outer ward area to the inner ward, all the way to the main castle, the Guild that has destroyed the opponent’s Main Castle the most will be victorious. Points will be granted to Guilds according to their rankings in each group, and will be divided into leagues based on these results.  

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  ■ Event Schedule   <Week 1> Application period : 2019.06.24 (Mon) 05:00 ~ 2019.06.26 (Wed) 03:00 (2 days) Combat period : 2019.06.26 (Wed) 05:00 ~ 2019.07.01 (Mon) 03:00 (5 days)   <Week 2> Application period : 2019.07.01 (Mon) 05:00 ~ 2019.07.03 (Wed) 03:00 (2 days) Combat period : 2019.07.03 (Wed) 05:00 ~ 2019.07.08 (Mon) 03:00 (5 days)   ■ Event Rewards   Reward boxes provided on participation (twice per day) Seasonal rewards (once)  

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