Pandora's Diary

Hello Saviors, this is GM Karen.
Pandora's Workshop, where all of us have been to and raged over the bronze clock of doom.
The devs, who didn't want to hear any notion of 'chances being manipulated', and made us 'Pandora's Diary', where you can freely view all attempts made in Pandora's Workshop based on the data accumulated since the 31st of January.
[Pandora's Diary link] :
The webpage is supported in both Korean and English, and you can view the creation records for each equipment based on the number of total crafts made, number of attempts (based on ingredients), ratio of success, and the number of ingredients used for each Sulfur, Mercury, and Salt.
So, here are the data for Pandora, the rest is up for you to decide,
and this was GM Karen, signing off.

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Pandora's Diary
GM Karen
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