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2020-05-12 (2.35.0) Patch Notes

Patch Notes
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  2020-05-12 (2.35.0) Patch Notes   [Events] ■ Karma Enchant Stone Exchanges will take place starting Tuesday until Saturday ■ Soul - Ether exchange events will take place for two days from Sunday until Monday ■ The Unfinished Festivities Event Battles will take place - Please refer to the following link for further information :

  [Products] ■ Skins for the Unfinished Festivities Events will take place (2019 Halloween, 2019 Christmas) ■ Advent Weapon Skins have been added to the Halloween Skin category   [Balance] ■ The defense stat for the Scorpion King for the story mode of Battlefield 8 has been decreased ■ The trigger requirements for the skill [Black Flash] for the [Dark Horizon] has been adjusted - Before change : required the player to be at a certain distance from the enemy after using dodge - After change : can be used regardless of the distance of the enemy after using dodge ■ Stage balance of the Realm of Lore and player traversal distance has been adjusted - Adjusted the player and monster spawn points of the Frost Golem stage - Decreased the Volcano Harpy's charging speed and increased the status effect sustain time - The hit detection of a certain skill for the Frost Ogre has been adjusted - The sub-monsters for the Infernal Sand Worm's spawn location has been deleted or adjusted according to difficulty ■ Increased the Super Armor reduction rate of Solar's Active Skill [Seraphic Ray] ■ Additional Collection Effects for Skins have been added - For the 2019 Halloween Skins and Advent Weapons   [Improvements] ■ The pop-up UI for summoning the Secret Shop has been improved upon ■ The Secret Shop has been added with a button to adjust the number of items sold to maximum ■ Improved upon Nergal's character modeling for the cutscene played upon entering the Nergal Advent battle ■ Effects for the Dark Horizon, Enigma Chain, and Companion Solar has been improved upon ■ The emancipation and upgrade materials for the Karma equipment "Wind Tribe Chieftain's Horn" and "Berserker's Enforced Pauldron" has been adjusted   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where the game screen would be misrepresented on certain devices ■ Fixed an issue where the time slowdown effects when using active skills of Companions did not work as intended ■ Fixed an issue where the status effect duration increase effects were not being applied as intended ■ Fixed an issue when using ■ Fixed an issue when using the skill [Nocturnal Grab] and pausing the game, the skill would not be paused ■ Fixed an issue for iOS devices when equipping the Death Scythe or the Nergal Advent equipment, the equipment sound would not be played starting from the second battle ■ Fixed an issue when opening the Secret Shop for the Armored Gorilla, the Secret Shop icon would remain visible for the Normal, Hard, and Hell difficulties ■ Fixed an issue when creating an equipment at Pandora's Workshop with the Enigma China equipped, the Enigma Chain modeling would be visible ■ Fixed an issue when entering a Force Battle lobby, the network error or UI would be misdisplayed ■ Fixed an issue when defeating a theme boss with a grab animation while the monster is airborne, the death animation would not be played as intended ■ Fixed an issue when Nergal uses a specific move while shocked, the animation would unintentionally stopped ■ Fixed an issue where the [Legendary Advent] Lightning Shooter's projectile would move along the ground ■ Fixed an issue where the background buildings would be displayed brighter than intended from the Guild War screen ■ Fixed an issue where the drop location of the Kama ingredient "Unbreakable Armor Shard" would be displayed as the Frost Ogre ■ Fixed an issue where Companions would be changed for battles in the Hall of Illusion ■ Fixed an issue where the Armored Gorilla would stop moving if it has been inflicted with a status effect while mid-air ■ Fixed an issue where the Armored Gorilla would initialize its inflicted status effects when using a specific skill while enraged   [Known Issues] ■ Equinus would seldom not be dragged when using the skill [Nocturnal Grab] ■ The Split Slime battle would seldom not be completed when clearing the boss after Lalika uses [Resurrection]  

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