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2020-04-14 (2.25.0) Patch Notes

Patch Notes
Hundred Soul: Patch Notes - 2020-04-14 (2.25.0) Patch Notes	 image 1

  2020-04-14 (2.25.0) Patch Notes   [Events] ■ Karma Enchant Stone exchanges will take place from Tuesday until Saturday ■ Soul - Ether exchanges will take place between Sunday and Monday for two days ■ Event Battles for Niki will take place for 1 week   [Contents]

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■ A practice mode has been added for the 'Place Guild Members' option - Can be accessed on Mondays and Tuesdays - Practices can be done against the defense setup of friendly forces   [Improvements] ■ Number of attempts available will be displayed on the Start Battle button during Team Setups for Companion Special Battles   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue when attempting to enter an Illusion Hall without possessing Illusion Hall keys, the key recharge pop-up would not be displayed ■ Fixed an issue where the minimum level for attempting would not be displayed on the Ranking mode of the Weapon Challenge ■ Fixed an issue where the player would be sent to the Omen stage through certain steps using the Farming Assist of Advent ingredients ■ Fixed an issue when using the Farming Assist whilst preparing for the Illusion Hall, the equipped Companion would change and the battle would not proceed ■ Fixed an issue where the Scorpion King would use a certain grab move, it would grab a target other than the originally targeted character ■ Fixed an issue when with insufficient keys, the number of keys displayed on the preparation screen would not be displayed red for Team Battles, Illusion Halls, and Special Battles ■ Fixed an issue where during preparation for the Illusion Hall stage, when the player recharges keys, the color and visual effect for the Start Battle button would not be displayed as intended ■ Fixed an issue where the left and right buttons would not display the Karma Equipment in order when viewing them from the Karma Tree ■ Fixed an issue where on certain devices, the game would close abnormally  

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