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2020-03-10 (2.15.0) Patch Notes

Patch Notes
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  2020-03-10 (2.15.0) Patch Notes   [Events] ■ Equipment Enchant Stone Exchange Events will take place from Tuesday until Saturday ■ Soul - Ether exchange events will take place for two days from Sunday until Monday   [Contents] ■ The Death Scythe has been added to the Weapon Challenge - First Challenge applied with the change begins on the 17th of March

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■ Novastone Slots exclusive to Guild Competitions have been added - The Competition Novastone Slots are slottable once all 6 Meteorstones for the Savior has been activated   [Improvements] ■ UI for receiving rewards for the Collection from the Notice tab will automatically direct the player to the Category as well ■ The Trial of Equinus has been improved to save accumulated score when phases change during the battle - If the game is terminated after a phase change or quitting the battle by pausing the game, the accumulated score will be saved ■ Guild Names and Marks will be displayed in certain contents - Will be displayed for the rankings in Team Battles, Advents, Trial of Equinus, and the Weapon Challenge ■ Lady Terra's animation while in the lobby screen has been improved upon ■ Improved upon the frame drop issue when the game would slow down time - Situations such as Fellow skill usage, boss summons, boss clear etc. ■ The grade of Fellow Soul items have been adjusted - Base Fellow icons will be bordered blue, while charged Fellows will be bordered purple ■ Additional variations for Guild Marks have been added - Content will become available via future update   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where the red dot notification would not appear in the Team Settings for Fellows who are subject to receiving Story Rewards/Promotions/Ether Imprints ■ Fixed an issue when the player's Fellow is Promotable and view the information of another player, the red dot notification would be displayed on the other players' Fellow icon ■ Fixed an issue where saved Team Presets cannot be loaded from the Preset list when loading a previously loaded list ■ Fixed an issue where the tutorial would on occasion would not proceed as normal ■ Fixed an issue where the Rage meter for active skills would not fill up when changing teams while the Death Scythe's skill Killing Theory during the Trial of Equinus ■ Fixed an issue in the Equipment upgrade screen would not register additional ingredients received from the Guild Trading Post ■ Fixed an issue where the Split Slime would not die after Lalika uses her skill Resurrection ■ Fixed an issue where the Split Slime's maximum HP and the splitted Slimes' HP would not match up when the Slime uses its skill to recover HP ■ Fixed an issue where there were two damage displays when attacking a Splitted Slime ■ Fixed an issue where the Handgun would not auto aim properly after cancelling the Death Scythe's active skill ■ Fixed an issue where the Desert Mummy from Battlefield 3 would not use a certain skill once its Super Armor has been broken ■ Fixed an issue where enemies with invincibilities would not receive damage properly when Frozen or Petrified ■ Fixed an issue where certain dialogue would not be displayed/played for the NPC in the Secret Shop ■ Fixed an issue where the player's ranking order would be displayed abnormally once a change in the ranking has occurred in Team Battles   [Known Issues] ■ While using the Enchant Stone Farming Assist in the preparation phase of the Hall of Illusions, the selected Fellow will change and the battle would not commence ■ On certain Battlefields, the character's movement would be slowed down on rare occasion upon entering the arena - Is fixated when the monster appears on the arena ■ Numeric damage display for the Venomous Killer Bee is not being displayed once it enters its cocoon phase ■ During combat, when time is slowed down, Meteora's active skill is not being activated as normal  

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